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Free Bet Deals are most sought after things anyone looking for bookmakers in Australia

Recently we came across this amazing services from Australia, which connects you with top bookmakers deals in Australia. Claiming a free bet deal have never been so easy with this amazing service. The best part is the website offers free bet deals for customers from licensed Australian Bookmakers. With free bet deals online betting become easy for you.

Bookmaker offers and deals are updated regularly and customers will have option to review various bookmakers online. You can also find information like promotional offers, offers for existing customers, types of bet deals a bookmaker offers and many more. The website is very responsive and well designed which makes anyone looking for Australian bookmaker deals easy to use. Some of the deals you could find on the website includes Australian open tennis betting, 2015 AFL season. The Australian bookmaker market place is very competitive and this website helps you get into this with ease by offering free bet deals. This helps a newbie or veteran to try out online betting.

Some of the Australian bookmakers free bets which we found on the website includes
William hill

on you will find Recommended Licensed Australian bookmakers. They have a primary goal of providing customers useful and relevant information.Betting and gaming industry is a fast paced and constantly changing industry.Notable Bookmaker William hill is making a big wave in betting industry. He have recently purchase of two of the largest Australian bookmakers, Sportingbet and Tom Waterhouse. You can find free William hill online betting deals on the website.

To make a right choice today for online betting in Australia check Free Bet Deals, signup today to get free bonus to enjoy hassle free online betting and bookmaking.

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Apple Inc. announced its new device as Apple watch on 9th September ‘2014. CEO of Apple Tim Cook announced apple watch as another device from its company launching with iphone6 and iphone 6+. The watch is the rivalry of the android wear watch and it has bloomed the market upon its road to the market. Sources told that around 1million people have already pre ordered the watch. Apple has started to take preorder of the watch from 10th of April only and the giant company of smartphone has set a record of pre orders. Company is trying to send as many watches as it can before the estimated delivery time so as to ensure the customer loyalty.

It has 3 different versions of watch

Collection Apple Watch Apple Watch Sport Apple Watch Edition
Price 38mm->549$-1049$







Retina AMOLED display (1.5inch for small and 1.65 for big)



Back Ceramic Composite Ceramic
Screen Sapphire glass Strengthened Ion-X glass Sapphire glass
Body Stainless steel Aluminum body Gold coated




These watches has fair display and are light in weight. They also are personalizable. You can make it as you want and add rubber bands of different color as per your choice. Bands can easily be click out and click in from the watch.

Bands are very good and glorious with different designs and materials. The designs also has a magnet which gets stick from both side. The band has leather which soak the sweat and metal which looks pretty fine and cool when you wear. The watch will also track your fitness level and it brings the menu when you bring your hand up for the time. There is some support back at the watch which sensorises the watch to on the menu on the watch

The starting price is 349$ which is just the base price for smallest phase with cheapest materials. But if you spend around 450$ it will be VFM for you. You will love to wear the watch.


The software is pretty much cool which gets activated as soon as we raise our hand. It has new technology which will let you see all your apps and then you can also interact with those apps. Calls, messages can be send using this app. You can also see images or videos on apple watch instead of your phone. You have to connect to the iPhone to use the app so without an iPhone you don’t have any use. You can zoom, pane or scroll on the watch. The watch is tap v/s touch screen. The User Interface is less finger friendly as the screen is smaller it will not properly be handy with your finger while the moto 360 provides a good User Interface. You must try it once at the apple iStore. The watch is compatible with iPhone5 and all the device running iOS 8.2 version. It can be connected with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Hope you will like to spend your money on this stuff and take an experience of the watch. In India the watch will reach by June and the price will vary from 17,000Rs to 10Lakh Rs. You will get a better experience and feel by using this watch. Share your views on this product or any other product of Apple.

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When you start your own business or you are working at an organization life becomes too busy at start. You hardly get time for relaxing. The person only knows how he is always stressed with different work to be completed or any other workload which may arise. Person has to manage his office as well as personal life but at initial it is difficult. If a person is working somewhere and stressed out he has to follow some routines so that they get time for chill out. These are the following tips which should be carried everyday to make the life easier and happier.


  1. Breathe well when working. If you are working for more that 1-2 hour continuously and yet not taken a break than should set a timer for certain amount of time say 30mins. So after every alert of the timer you should get up from the place take a deep breath and then carry on your work. It will energize you.
  2. Morning should be made boosting. Every morning when you go to the office or your shop than while travelling meet different people and greet the people who are good. You should not read newspaper if you don’t like things going on around the world. Instead listen to song, music which will make you feel better.
  3. Excessive use of Technology should be avoided. Whenever you are at a break or you get a bit free time don’t connect to social media. They may take your full relaxation time and will give you nothing. Instead you can take a 10min walk outside the office to make you feel better.
  4. Plan your work and handle the workers and co-workers properly. Always hear the person before you speak. Let all people speak and then sort the difficult situation silently. Don’t let down any one in the office it will increase your stress and which will create tension in your work.
  5. Set realistic goals which can be achieved within set target. If you set a goal which is unrealistic and then if that is not achieved than you start to criticize yourself and then there comes the overwhelmed feeling. The goals should have priorities and then complete the task as per it. The goal will be achieved and you can overcome the overwhelmed feeling.
  6. You should take timely feedback. The feedback of not only yourself but also of the workers and co-workers. Through feedback it comes to know what is lacking in us or organization to be perfect. If there is fear in office to speak to you then it there will be a stress situation which is not good for the organization.
  7. Start investing in people. Employees are big asset for organization so if they are happy than their work will be accurate and if their work is accurate it will give us good results. Any organization be it be large or small should take care of your employees. They should reward them for their work. If you create the better work place more and more employees would be engaged with your organization. Don’t just think of profit.


So if you follow this 7 tips in your organization you may feel chilled out and the stress of yours as well as other employees will decrease which is a good sign for any organization.

Overcoming alcohol addiction is not difficult if you approach the right treatment facility and methods.In this article you will learn about steps involved to overcome alcohol addiction to lead a better life.

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem and it should be treated before things get worse. To overcome alcohol addiction and to lead a happy life. You should be determined and set the goal to work towards achieving it.With increasing pressure and stress in life most people resorting to drugs, alcohol and other harmful substances. Drug abuse and alcohol abuse is a serious problem with people of all ages across the world. There are lot of ways to get rid of alcohol addiction, some follow their own methods and with very determined people avoid it and keep themselves away from alcohol consumption.

overcome alcohol addiction in 6 steps

Alcohol Intervention:

In most cases intervention is the first step to overcome alcohol addiction, this works for even for addicts in earl stages or for those in advanced stages.If your loved ones or family member is getting addicted to alcohol use and abuse. Intervening them will cause a lot of relationship problems. It is often difficult to approach alcohol addict and convince them to avoid it and overcome addiction. In such cases interventionist and counselors can do the best help.Professional Interventionist get to knows the addict better than us and will get the patient to take the treatment. Top treatment facilities like Reset Addiction have professional interventionists to help your loved ones go through the process with ease.

Painless Alcohol Detoxification:

The second step towards overcoming alcohol addiction is to detoxify the body of patient. Alcohol Detoxification process is an important step in the entire treatment method or process. Painless alcohol detoxification is a new unique methodology and procedure in which the patient is given due care and develop a special procedure to get the substance out of the body. In painless alcohol detoxification patient can overcome alcohol addiction with ease as the traditional medical procedure along with advanced treatment are done in conjunction. Traditional procedures like massages, acupuncture and relaxations exercises keep the patient in ease and this helps overcome addiction without less or no pain at all.

Sober Living to overcome alcohol addiction:

Sober Living is the third step in overcoming alcohol addiction. The community support in sober living environment will greatly help the addict to respond better to the treatment. Sober Living is proven for recovering from alcohol or substance abuse in  conjunction with the treatment programs.

Treatments to overcome alcohol addiction:

Advanced medical treatment like Neuromodulation including repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) therapy is safe and painless therapy which helps the addict in balancing his mood and cooperate with the treatment process. This is the fourth step in the process to overcome the alcohol addiction.

treatment to overcome alcohol addiction


For some addicts the faith based treatment procedure seems to work better than medical procedure, so now a days addiction specialists also provide Jewish rehab programs and christian rehab programs. This kind of rehab programs are faith based and they work very well for people who believe in faith based treatment procedures, the overall goal is to overcome alcohol addiction and lead a better life. So Treatment facilities providers are also using these alternative treatment methodologies to help addicts recover from alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Addict Rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation facilities offer the room to overcome alcohol addiction, residential rehabilitation and sober living houses are helpful in the fifth step to completely overcome the disease of addiction to alcohol. These treatment centers offer the right facilities like transportation, education, trainings, placement services, employment and job opportunities. They are the roadways to get rid of alcohol addiction. These help the addict to value life and understand their loved ones and improve the lifestyle.

Living better after overcoming alcohol addiction:

This is the sixth step in and if you overcame your alcohol addiction, now you need to keep yourself away from the carvings and relapse. Extended recovery or support programs and relapse prevention programs will help you completely lead a alcohol addiction free life.

Remember there is no single procedure that works for anybody, Alcohol Addiction Specialists and Drug Rehab Specialist will help you better understand which treatment procedure works for you.

Overcome Alcohol Addiction
Reset Addiction helps you overcome addiction call toll free (866) 803-6960 or visit website

I recently came across , they are professional alcohol addiction specialists and rehabilitation service provider. They offer unique treatment procedures by getting to know you first. visit their website to overcome alcohol addiction with ease, they offer free consultation.

I hope this article will help you take a right decision and helps your loved ones to get rid of addiction and lead a happy life.

Please share your valuable feedback and comments below. Thank you for reading the article.


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The mind of a digital marketer

Digital marketing the new buzz in the internet marketing world, many companies and businesses are now getting online as the online marketing is transparent and results can be evaluated with ease than traditional marketing. SEO is generally misinterpreted and seo alone cannot make your online business success. SEO is just part of the digital marketing plan which improves serp results and traffic which plays an important role in conversions. In this post we will learn about the 7 steps for successful digital marketing campaign /plan and obviously the digital marketing consultant you are working with for your company should have the skills in these seven areas for better ROI.

  • SEO
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media
  • Analytics
  • Advertising

Let me tell you how this series of steps work with each other delivering the best digital marketing plan.

Search Engine Optimization: The digital marketing consultant will work on the on page and off page optimization techniques to bring in the traffic required by the website. This will impact the search engine rankings and serp positions of the particular business website.

Conversion optimization: After successful seo campaign the results will be visible and you should see an increase in traffic to website from various channels, here comes the conversion optimization which includes landing page optimization , split testing, proper placement of call to action and convincing the visitor to do the preferred call to action. Your consultant should work on conversion optimization on your website pages and serp results meta description to improve it further.

Web design: Your website design hold the key reason for decision by your website visitor to convert or not. The proper marketing plan should also focus required changes to website design if needed. Many visitors do not convert because of poor navigation, no proper way to find required information they are looking for and more.

Copywriting: This involves in optimizing existing content and adding the new content as required after fixing the web design for optimization. Many websites usually lack the information a visitor is looking who comes from Google or other search engine and the visitor will just hit the back button / closes the window. Good copywriting work improves the content in the website there by the visitor stays on website for more time,which decreases bounce rate.

Social Media: social signals are important for many business, it gives trust and branding to your website which improves the customer relationship greatly, a good consultant will recommend the proper channel for business type based on the industry and establishes and maintains traffic also improves seo and serp results in long-term.

Analytics: After successfully completing the above steps its time for monitoring and analyzing the analytical reports. Your consultant should integrate the proper analytics at the beginning of this digital marketing campaign for better optimizations and strategy planning for website and business.

Advertising: This campaign/plan should be accompanied by proper advertising in electronic media,sem, and smm will deliver the best results.

Here is an info graphic about The Mind of a Digital Marketer by SorianoMedia an SEO company in Las Vegas which better illustrates all the steps mentioned above. You could get more information and insights from sorianomedia digital marketing blog post.

The mind of a digital marketer

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Alexa user share
Alexa Traffic rank, this is the buzz among the people who are new to seo or blogging. Unlike Google page rank which is hard to build, Alexa ranking can be manipulated and built in a small amount of time.
So today I will give and reveal some facts and secrets about Alexa rankings that most webmasters follow.
Who should read this guide?
Anyone who want to increase/decrease/improve their Alexa traffic ranking.
Anyone who believes in Alexa ranking as important and needs it to be good ranking for their blog/website.
People who want to know about how Alexa ranking works.
People who want to know the tactics to improve their website/blog alexa traffic ranking.
Advertisers who are relying on Alexa rank to choose the blogs/websites for publishing/hosting their ads.
Anyone who are using Alexa rank as a parameter/metric to evaluate a blog importance or ranking in World Wide Web.
Bloggers, Webmasters, SEO Analysts and Experts, Internet Marketers, Consultants and Content marketers.
Why Alexa ranking is important?
Before we move into the truth behind Alexa ranking, let us know why Alexa rank is important. Alexa is Company which provides search analytics in public domain to some extent. The Alexa engines rank a website based on the traffic to the website and they will assign a rank globally and locally.
Global ranking is the rank that your website competes with all other websites ranked by Alexa in the world. And Local rank is the country ranking where your traffic is high.
So now you know that Alexa has two traffic ranks for a domain. Alexa ranking is important for anyone on the web who is looking to monetize their website/blog. Because advertisers/sponsors choose the websites to serve their ads based on some metrics.
These advertisers generally consider Alexa ranking as a parameter that play major role in content monetization. So it is important to have an Alexa traffic rank that is impressive.
Why are you telling that Alexa ranking is not the correct metric to evaluate a website/blog?
Yes I have said before and now get ready to read the truth. Alexa traffic rank is not the right parameters to evaluate a blog/website because
It can be manipulated easily.
It cannot track all the traffic visits to your website.
It shows inaccurate data and followed by wrong ranking.
Website monitoring is not uniform and transparent.
The ranking is merely a statistic and should not be used for the quality of the content and the monetization value for a website/blog and there are many reasons to not consider Alexa traffic rank as a metric for website evaluation.
Why Alexa ranking is not correct metric / parameter how do you know it can be manipulated?
This is very simple, build a website and do the Alexa manipulations and see for yourself, why I said Alexa rank is the right parameter to consider a website for advertising or not.
How Alexa traffic ranking works?
Alexa tracks the websites on the World Wide Web for the traffic ranking primarily based on the alexa toolbar. So if your visitor has Alexa toolbar, extension installed on the browser your visitor visits to your website is recorded.
Alexa has traffic rank widgets which are basically java scripts showing the traffic rank of a website/blog on loading, this is also a way to track users visits to your website.
Alexa gives site owners a verification code or Meta tag when a website/blog is claimed, you can use the code to keep tracking your website by inserting in website / blog plug-in like word press yoast seo plug in.
So finally we round it down as toolbar, widget and site claiming code. These are the three ways to monitor your website and give traffic ranking.
Now you have got the idea why I said that Alexa ranking should not be considered as a metric, because it tracks on the toolbar, widget and site claiming code with seo plugins.

Alexa user shareAlexa Toolbar User Share
Will all your visitors have Alexa toolbars installed on their web browser the answer will be 95% no.
Will all the website owners claim their website with the answer will be 80% no.
Will all the websites/blog carry the Alexa traffic rank widget the answer will be 75% no.
Will all the websites/blog has the site Meta code verification installed with seo plugins the answer will be 90% no.
With so many reasons and ways the Alexa traffic rank is calculated how you can say that a website is good or bad based on Alexa traffic ranking. There are trillions of websites and blogs in the World Wide Web and Alexa considers only a few websites/blogs when allocating traffic ranking. When assigning a traffic rank and most of the websites/blogs that are using some kind of tracking to give Alexa statistics.
Moreover there are numerous amounts of tactics to improve/increase/decrease the alexa traffic ranking. So considering Alexa traffic ranking as a parameter to evaluate a website is foolishness according to me, think logically you will know why I am right.
If I am an advertiser I will ask for real analytics not some manipulated stuff like alexa traffic ranking to choose websites/blogs.
So what are the tactics to improve/increase/decrease/better/good Alexa traffic ranking?
Now before I dig into the details Alexa ranking is just merely a manipulated thing, so spending your valuable time on this is waste of time. Instead create monetize able content and increase the conversions if you really want to earn some money from blogging.
Alexa do not monitor a website that is never searched on for traffic ranking. So search your website for Alexa traffic ranking, if it is not found means you have never added and claimed you website/blog or nobody ever searched for it. So add your website and claim ownership with free account.
With free account you could add a site description and some more information about your website, be sure to include your website contact email address, because advertisers are still relying on Alexa traffic ranking. I hope they will change once this article is published as it reveals the truth behind Alexa ranking.
When you add the website for claiming on Alexa a meta tag code is presented to you for website ownership verification, please keep it intact even after your website/blog gets verified as discussed it is a way for Alexa to track your website.
If you are using word press, add the verification code to seo plugins. Yoast and all in one seo have the feature to add this Alexa code, check with your plugins.
Now you have completed the major part. Keep searching on for Alexa traffic rank of your website/blog often, this keeps Alexa to track your website statistics.
Alexa toolbar is the primary source for Alexa traffic to a website, so install Alexa toolbar on all your web browsers at home, office and workplace.
Alexa widget is also a way to send statistics so install Alexa widget code on your website/blog. If you hate the extra widget code on your website, leave it and concentrate on other manipulations.
So now you have completed all the steps.
Manipulating strategies:
  • Install Alexa toolbar on all your webs browsers in your computer/laptop, set your start-up page and home page of your web browser to your website/blog address and keep the Alexa toolbar/extension enabled.
  • This is will help in manipulating the Alexa traffic ranking with ease, every time your website is loaded a visit is recorder and please leave the browser opened for at least 2 minutes to 3 minutes this will reduce bounce rate in Alexa site info.
  • If you can record a macro and use it you can automate the website visiting process, visit imacro for more information on using macros.
  • When you create an account with you have a dashboard to visit and change any information, go to toolbars and create your site toolbar and give the link to download your toolbar to your website visitors.
  • Check Get Life Tips Alexa Toolbar for an idea, what can be used to embed in toolbar, this toolbar will be used to manipulate Alexa traffic ranking. This also increases the visitors return as it contains site rss feeds.
  • By having a toolbar download link on your website, you can install it anywhere on any laptop/computer.
  • If you go to internet cafes make sure you bookmark your website as home and start-up page and install the Alexa toolbar on its browsers, ask your friends and family to install your toolbar. As download link is already available on your website, they can download and install it with ease.

All the above are ethical ways to improve Alexa traffic ranking, if you want to accelerate your ranking improvement goal participate in traffic exchange website like



(Note: Do not do If you want to rely on analytics for website improvement and strategy, as the visits are high and analytics will be manipulated as well, if you are using any advertising platform like ad words or anything that states not to use traffic exchange sites).
So now you have known all the techniques to manipulate the Alexa ranking just follow them and see for yourself how it could be easily manipulated.
Now if you are advertiser, do you consider Alexa traffic rank as a metric to select a website/blog? 

Think again there are numerous amounts of black hat and white hat techniques to manipulate the Alexa traffic ranking, which is already inaccurate.
OK, I agree that Alexa traffic rank is manipulated but how websites like Google, Facebook and yahoo getting traffic rank even without installing widget?
Alexa monitors the websites below 1000000 daily and without any widget installed, so as these are high traffic websites, they obviously get monitored and moreover there are several webmasters and users who installed Alexa toolbar visit these website, however the statistics are also not correct.
So if you have high traffic website get your website claimed and add a Meta tag code and install a toolbar on your website and see the changes of your ranking before and after doing manipulations.
I hope this article will help all of you looking to know the truth about alexa ranking, Thank you for reading, post your valuable comments and feedback. Some Rights Reserved,Contents sharing and distribution should be done only under creative commons license.