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Top facts of Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is also known from computer crime. It involves computer and the network from which computers are connected. Behind cyber crime, there are some criminal motives like to ensure personal information such as bank password, bank account numbers etc. This crime takes place with the help of modern communication networks (such as chat rooms, email, notice boards, and groups) and mobile phones (SMS/MMS). Maximum cyber crime leads to threatening a nation’s security and financial health of that nation. To detect person behind it is  complicated so it needs a special technical skilled full person. The criminal of cyber crime ...

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Twitter Might Say Goodbye to 140 Characters in 2016

New feature of Twitter - Get life tips

Will Twitter move to 140 characters tweet to 10,000 characters tweet? Reports say that twitter may launch a new feature which may satisfy all the twitter users. The limit may change when the product will release. San Francisco-based Twitter Inc. CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey, examine that many users are suffering from the limited length of a tweet. They examine that roughly 300 million users have already including screenshots of bigger texts. User resolves that barrier with putting a screenshot of any long message or article to sharing on a twitter. The company allows 10,000 characters in DM(Direct Message), the technology ...

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Everything you should know about Apple Watch

Apple Inc. announced its new device as Apple watch on 9th September ‘2014. CEO of Apple Tim Cook announced apple watch as another device from its company launching with iphone6 and iphone 6+. The watch is the rivalry of the android wear watch and it has bloomed the market upon its road to the market. Sources told that around 1million people have already pre ordered the watch. Apple has started to take preorder of the watch from 10th of April only and the giant company of smartphone has set a record of pre orders. Company is trying to send as ...

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7 steps for successful digital marketing

The mind of a digital marketer

Digital marketing the new buzz in the internet marketing world, many companies and businesses are now getting online as the online marketing is transparent and results can be evaluated with ease than traditional marketing. SEO is generally misinterpreted and seo alone cannot make your online business success. SEO is just part of the digital marketing plan which improves serp results and traffic which plays an important role in conversions. In this post we will learn about the 7 steps for successful digital marketing campaign /plan and obviously the digital marketing consultant you are working with for your company should have ...

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