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Facebook page exposure series part 2

Edge rank effect on text post

In this part we are going to explore the Facebook time line, which is the most important part in this series. In this part you are going to learn how the time line works, how to increase your post exposure on user time line, how to reach more users time line. Also Check our Facebook pages exposure series part 1 if you have missed it. Ever since the inception of Facebook the interface has changed over years. First when Facebook was launched there is no such thing as time line/news feed. News feed has changed all the user experience. In ...

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Facebook page exposure series part 1

Facebook page Exposure

This is a  post series that explores Facebook deeply, so keep tracking for updates by subscribing to email list. Large businesses/companies and in corporations have manpower and funds to manage their social media presence to improve their exposure and increase their product sales/customer support/increasing leads/targeting customers. This is not the case with small businesses/bloggers/webmasters/entrepreneurs with less manpower/time and funds to grow their Facebook audience.   Why you need to have a social media presence on Facebook?   We recommend you to Know about what kind of niches work for Facebook pages. For Small Businesses/entrepreneurs:    Engaging with customers Providing customer ...

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Productivity myths,facts and tips

Productivity myths and facts

Myth: Multitasking makes you more productive and efficient. Fact: When you multitask your IQ level drops to 1% and your ability to make decisions accurately reduces,multitasking is good for computers not for human beings. Myth:Productivity has nothing to do with stress,being awake all the time makes your more productive. Fact: Stress is the factor that affects the productivity to much extent,if you are person employed to work with computers or your work involves no physical activity,then your IQ reduces 2-5% per every 3 hours.Taking caffeine drinks to stay awake all the time,doesn’t make any sense as  your ability to work ...

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Install Puppy Linux on usb drive

step by step tutorial to install puppy linux on pen drive

Today we are going to learn how to install secondary operating system to be helpful in emergency situations. This post focuses on how to install puppy Linux on an usb storage device on windows platform. Step by step procedure to install puppy Linux operating system on an usb storage device.If you want to view screen shots offline/ better view just drag them to a new tab in your browser and download/save them and view them in detail. Things needed Internet connection. Usb storage device (like pen drive, external hard disk, flash drive) with a minimum storage size of 1GB. Personal ...

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