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Productivity myths,facts and tips

Productivity myths and facts

Myth: Multitasking makes you more productive and efficient. Fact: When you multitask your IQ level drops to 1% and your ability to make decisions accurately reduces,multitasking is good for computers not for human beings. Myth:Productivity has nothing to do with stress,being awake all the time makes your more productive. Fact: Stress is the factor that affects the productivity to much extent,if you are person employed to work with computers or your work involves no physical activity,then your IQ reduces 2-5% per every 3 hours.Taking caffeine drinks to stay awake all the time,doesn’t make any sense asĀ  your ability to work ...

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Tips for buying Gold in India

Tips for buying gold jewellery in India

Gold is the precious metal that plays a major role in Indian traditions,unlike other countries India imports more gold as it has very high consumption.Be it as investment,Gold Ornaments India is the subcontinent that consumes majority of Gold in the world.During the last 9 years Gold prices rose up to as much as four times,This April the prices come down to some level.Indians are always leaned towards gold,especially women.This slashed prices are more beneficial to middle class and lower class people in India,as these people are waiting from a long time to make some purchases from a long time,Now the ...

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