Everything you should know about Apple Watch

Apple Inc. announced its new device as Apple watch on 9th September ‘2014. CEO of Apple Tim Cook announced apple watch as another device from its company launching with iphone6 and iphone 6+. The watch is the rivalry of the android wear watch and it has bloomed the market upon its road to the market. Sources told that around 1million people have already pre ordered the watch. Apple has started to take preorder of the watch from 10th of April only and the giant company of smartphone has set a record of pre orders. Company is trying to send as many watches as it can before the estimated delivery time so as to ensure the customer loyalty.

It has 3 different versions of watch

Collection Apple Watch Apple Watch Sport Apple Watch Edition
Price 38mm->549$-1049$







Retina AMOLED display (1.5inch for small and 1.65 for big)



Back Ceramic Composite Ceramic
Screen Sapphire glass Strengthened Ion-X glass Sapphire glass
Body Stainless steel Aluminum body Gold coated




These watches has fair display and are light in weight. They also are personalizable. You can make it as you want and add rubber bands of different color as per your choice. Bands can easily be click out and click in from the watch.

Bands are very good and glorious with different designs and materials. The designs also has a magnet which gets stick from both side. The band has leather which soak the sweat and metal which looks pretty fine and cool when you wear. The watch will also track your fitness level and it brings the menu when you bring your hand up for the time. There is some support back at the watch which sensorises the watch to on the menu on the watch

The starting price is 349$ which is just the base price for smallest phase with cheapest materials. But if you spend around 450$ it will be VFM for you. You will love to wear the watch.


The software is pretty much cool which gets activated as soon as we raise our hand. It has new technology which will let you see all your apps and then you can also interact with those apps. Calls, messages can be send using this app. You can also see images or videos on apple watch instead of your phone. You have to connect to the iPhone to use the app so without an iPhone you don’t have any use. You can zoom, pane or scroll on the watch. The watch is tap v/s touch screen. The User Interface is less finger friendly as the screen is smaller it will not properly be handy with your finger while the moto 360 provides a good User Interface. You must try it once at the apple iStore. The watch is compatible with iPhone5 and all the device running iOS 8.2 version. It can be connected with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Hope you will like to spend your money on this stuff and take an experience of the watch. In India the watch will reach by June and the price will vary from 17,000Rs to 10Lakh Rs. You will get a better experience and feel by using this watch. Share your views on this product or any other product of Apple.

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