Four Karbonn Smartphones under rs 5000

karbonn smartphone a50s

Karbonn Mobiles are known to be budget friendly and aimed at common man in India. Karbonn is known for selling mobiles that are affordable,value for money and durable. There is stiff competition in android phones market and smart phone market in India.Now karbonn has launched four smart phone under Rs 5000 taking into consideration the rural India and lower middle class people. This article deals with those four karbonn smartphones under 5000,these are new phones launched by Karbonn mobiles. Karbonn mobile has entered into smart phone segment long back, but it has recently launched four new smart phone models with ...

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asmallorange shared web hosting review

asmallorange shared web hosting plans

asmallorange shared web hosting review: This article deals with the web hosting provider shared hosting plan usage,rating and review. Web hosting plays an important role in the development of website and online presence. Shared hosting a plan which is offered by many web hosting providers across the globe for making a online presence with the basic needs. In this article I am reviewing such shared hosting plan used by me from the last one year offered by Now coming to the shared web hosting offered by them, plans can be divided based on the bandwidth and size ...

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Top 5 Qualities for becoming a successful CEO

creativity of sucessful ceo

Today we are going to tell you about the top 5 qualities that top CEO’s of the companies in the world possess. The qualities that are mentioned here are scientifically established under several surveys and independent research groups that revealed the secret behind the success of top employee of the companies. There may be several other important factors that can contribute to the success of a person in the CEO position but the qualities described here will definitely play the lead role in the path that will lead to reach the objectives. The five qualities are as following Creativity The ...

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Saving a Choking child Infographic

saving a choking child

This is an info graphic from Aid Training UK. I would like to thank Colin Skinner for writing to me for publishing on Get Life Tips the original info graphic can be found here.The info graphic is posted on receiving request from Colin representing aid training. Hope this info graphic helps you save your kid in case of choking.     Dear Get Life Tips readers i founder,author and administrator of this blog,not finding enough time these days to write up new articles.If you liked my articles and want to contribute your knowledge to this blog.Please get in touch with ...

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