Some tips from millionaires for success

some tips from millionaires

The article aims at providing motivation and some tips  from millionaires who are doing various businesses, entrepreneurs, self made millionaires and lot of other people. By the end of this article you shall feel confident and motivated to get into the list of millionaires. See the success mantra. Who don’t love money, this is the only thing that runs the world, whatever may be the currency, which ever part of the world it may be. Money rules in every sector of human life.At some point of time in everyone’s life a few questions will strike their mind. They are How ...

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Speed up metabolism for weight loss

think weight loss

We have posted earlier about weight loss, hope you have gone through it. Many weight loss plans/diets fail to work some times, metabolism is one among the factors that keep you slowing down achieving your weight loss goals. Today we are going to share some facts and tips about metabolism and its role in weight loss. What is metabolism? Metabolism is the process of energy generation and use. It involves chemical and physical processes in the body that convert or use energy. How metabolism helps in weight loss? Metabolism not only converts or uses energy, it also involves in how ...

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Productivity myths,facts and tips

Productivity myths and facts

Myth: Multitasking makes you more productive and efficient. Fact: When you multitask your IQ level drops to 1% and your ability to make decisions accurately reduces,multitasking is good for computers not for human beings. Myth:Productivity has nothing to do with stress,being awake all the time makes your more productive. Fact: Stress is the factor that affects the productivity to much extent,if you are person employed to work with computers or your work involves no physical activity,then your IQ reduces 2-5% per every 3 hours.Taking caffeine drinks to stay awake all the time,doesn’t make any sense as  your ability to work ...

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Matrix Nutrition 100 Percent Whey Protein

matrix nutrition 100 percent whey protein review

Review on Matrix Nutrition 100% whey protein Matrix Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Powder is a Whey Protein Supplement from Matrix  Nutrition an India Based Sports/Body building Supplement Manufacturing/Repacking Company. Taste: 7/10. Chocolate Flavor tasted okay. Available Flavors: Strawberry,Chocolate and Vanilla. Effectiveness: 8/10 I stacked up with Inner Armour Creatine.As it has multivitamins, Creatine and Glutamine recovery should take less time,but this is not the case.Perhaps this is because of whey protein isolate is quickly digested and not filling.Even after having this protein shake one will feel hungry though it has multivitamins which should actually aid recovery.There are some ingredients in the powder like chromium may be this ...

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