Sleep Patterns

tips to overcome snoring

Today we are going to learn about why sleeping early in the night and waking up early in the morning is helpful and important for a healthy life. Benefits: Increased Productivity. Enjoy stress free mind through the day. Weight Management. Spend leisure time on health and fitness. Better metabolism. Improved functioning of brain and nervous system. Prevent/control the risk of coronary heart disease. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep daily is essential for men/women of any age. Lack of sleep is the root cause of many things.Let us know what are the ailments caused by lack of sleep. Your body needs ...

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British Nutrition Platinum Whey Review

British nutrition platinum whey review

British Nutrition’s Platinum Whey Protein Powder is a Whey Protein Supplement from British Nutrition an India Based Sports/Bodybuilding Supplement Manufacturing Company. Whey is derived from cows milk when processing cheese,whey is the liquid that is left over when cheese is separated in the cheese making process.Liquid whey is made into powdered form for use in manufacture of supplements.Whey Protein concentrate is 70-80% of protein in dry state.Whey isolate is 90% protein,it is fat free and digested more quickly. Consumption of 20-25gms of protein right after the workout is essential for recovery and muscle building.The Product reviewed here provides 20g of ...

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