How not to get in a relationship?

Some people love to be in a relationship because they want but personally someday you will get rid of being in a relationship you know why??

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How to Exercise your Brain?


Did you know the fact of Human Brain? What’s importance of the Brain in Human’s body? “The information in our brain travels 268 miles per hour and 70% of the Human Brain is Water“. The main Part of Human’s body is – BRAIN, which is located in the head. Our Brain has 100 Billion neurons. Our brain can’t feel pain. It can receive 1,00,000 signals per second. Our brain is the most powerful then any computer. That’s why it’s important to do an exercise of our brain to keep it healthy. Our brain is like a muscle – if you ...

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Does Hospitals spread more viruses than any other places?


Does Hospitals spread more viruses than any other places? Everyone is highly concerned regarding hospitals while going there for any routine check-ups or even while visiting any friend/ family member. Have you ever thought of other places which could spread more viruses than Hospitals? Of course yes, that’s absolutely possible for some of the most common places which can not be only hospitals but other places too. We are here discussed being health conscious and several steps to prevent before being infected with some of these contagious viruses. These days, we see large numbers of people going everywhere due to ...

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Do you sleep during daytime? Is it a good idea?

Sleeping in Daytime

Do you sleep during daytime? Is it a good idea? Have you been sleeping during day time? Or have you ever felt so much of stress during a busy day? Well, it’s because you might have been actually busy i.e. mentally busy throughout such hectic day. For such situations, what you need is a short and sweet nap during day time. Not like an hour long or longer sleep but 25-30 minutes short nap could entirely change your remaining day and make you into a good mood. There have been certain studies which have proved essentials of such short naps. ...

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