Salman khan the saviour for someone and now wanted for everyone


Salman Khan Born    Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan 27 December 1965 (age 49) Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India   Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan is a savior for many people on this planet. The first Indian celebrity who is doing several charities. He is the most successful actor in Indian cinema. He started his career in 1988. The very next year he received best filmfare award for the movie Maine Pyaar Kiya in 1989 and became the heart throb for everyone in Indian cinema.   He has started an NGO named Being human which sells T shirt and other quality products ...

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Water Conservation -abhi nai to kabhi nai.

Water Conservation

Water is important part of our life. Approx. 71% of earth’s surface is covered by water. The oceans with which the countries are being surrounded have 96.5% of earth’s water. So we just have 3.5% of water to use it for daily purposes. We have daily use of water in many ways such as Drinking, bathing, washing, agriculture, transportation, fire extinction etc.  There are almost all the places where water is required. 61% of fresh water on earth is present in Antarctica in the form of ice. So do you think you would be getting fresh water? Since 1990, 1.6 ...

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Everything you should know about Apple Watch

Apple Inc. announced its new device as Apple watch on 9th September ‘2014. CEO of Apple Tim Cook announced apple watch as another device from its company launching with iphone6 and iphone 6+. The watch is the rivalry of the android wear watch and it has bloomed the market upon its road to the market. Sources told that around 1million people have already pre ordered the watch. Apple has started to take preorder of the watch from 10th of April only and the giant company of smartphone has set a record of pre orders. Company is trying to send as ...

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Tips to chill out at office

  When you start your own business or you are working at an organization life becomes too busy at start. You hardly get time for relaxing. The person only knows how he is always stressed with different work to be completed or any other workload which may arise. Person has to manage his office as well as personal life but at initial it is difficult. If a person is working somewhere and stressed out he has to follow some routines so that they get time for chill out. These are the following tips which should be carried everyday to make ...

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