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We never ask for Financial Information about our subscribers.If anyone mails you that he is representing Get Life Tips and asks for some sensitive information,Please bring it to our notice and never disclose such information to anyone.
By Participating in our Facebook Contests you are confirming that you agree our Terms and Conditions.Any Prizes/Coupons can’t be transferred to any of your relatives/friends/family members/co workers. The contestant is liable to pay any taxes that occur,applicable in his/her own country.Participants should provide correct information for the gift/prize to be delivered,providing incorrect information will lead to cancellation of the award/reward.
In order to pay for our domain /staff and other payments.we incorporate ads on our websites.The Affliates/Advertisers pay a little commission for showing up/ recommending their ads.Sometimes these ads may take you to  surveys/ signup/purchase forms,Get Life Tips is not responsible for any problem that you encounter with such advertisements.Advertisers may collect your personal information,internet usage habits,Geographical location through cookies.

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