Tips to chill out at office


When you start your own business or you are working at an organization life becomes too busy at start. You hardly get time for relaxing. The person only knows how he is always stressed with different work to be completed or any other workload which may arise. Person has to manage his office as well as personal life but at initial it is difficult. If a person is working somewhere and stressed out he has to follow some routines so that they get time for chill out. These are the following tips which should be carried everyday to make the life easier and happier.


  1. Breathe well when working. If you are working for more that 1-2 hour continuously and yet not taken a break than should set a timer for certain amount of time say 30mins. So after every alert of the timer you should get up from the place take a deep breath and then carry on your work. It will energize you.
  2. Morning should be made boosting. Every morning when you go to the office or your shop than while travelling meet different people and greet the people who are good. You should not read newspaper if you don’t like things going on around the world. Instead listen to song, music which will make you feel better.
  3. Excessive use of Technology should be avoided. Whenever you are at a break or you get a bit free time don’t connect to social media. They may take your full relaxation time and will give you nothing. Instead you can take a 10min walk outside the office to make you feel better.
  4. Plan your work and handle the workers and co-workers properly. Always hear the person before you speak. Let all people speak and then sort the difficult situation silently. Don’t let down any one in the office it will increase your stress and which will create tension in your work.
  5. Set realistic goals which can be achieved within set target. If you set a goal which is unrealistic and then if that is not achieved than you start to criticize yourself and then there comes the overwhelmed feeling. The goals should have priorities and then complete the task as per it. The goal will be achieved and you can overcome the overwhelmed feeling.
  6. You should take timely feedback. The feedback of not only yourself but also of the workers and co-workers. Through feedback it comes to know what is lacking in us or organization to be perfect. If there is fear in office to speak to you then it there will be a stress situation which is not good for the organization.
  7. Start investing in people. Employees are big asset for organization so if they are happy than their work will be accurate and if their work is accurate it will give us good results. Any organization be it be large or small should take care of your employees. They should reward them for their work. If you create the better work place more and more employees would be engaged with your organization. Don’t just think of profit.


So if you follow this 7 tips in your organization you may feel chilled out and the stress of yours as well as other employees will decrease which is a good sign for any organization.

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