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Water Conservation

Water is important part of our life. Approx. 71% of earth’s surface is covered by water. The oceans with which the countries are being surrounded have 96.5% of earth’s water. So we just have 3.5% of water to use it for daily purposes. We have daily use of water in many ways such as Drinking, bathing, washing, agriculture, transportation, fire extinction etc.  There are almost all the places where water is required. 61% of fresh water on earth is present in Antarctica in the form of ice. So do you think you would be getting fresh water? Since 1990, 1.6 billion people across the world got access to fresh water. The percentage of the fresh water access to people has been increased but as the use of it has increased we should conserve the water for our future.

Agriculture is the major sector where water requirement is higher. If this sector don’t get water in required proportion and on time then it will directly affect the food sector. All of our life is depended on water. People use water like they have not used before. While taking bath, brushing teeth, washing hands and clothes you should close the tap if not in use. While doing so count number in your head and then see how much water you save daily because your routine is same every day.

Water Conservation

In America there has been around 45 states till now with water stress condition. Even in India there are many states with such condition. Still in such high tech and modern generations people have to go far away to collect water for their daily uses. You are getting water in high proportion so you can waste it? Water is not your private property. You didn’t brought it. It has been gifted you from nature. If you can’t keep it don’t waste it. Just live on 1 day with just 2-3ltr of water and see how you feel if you don’t get water. Have you experienced it? You won’t come to know the pain of such people until and unless you feel it. You go to hotel and the waiter brings you glass of water even if you don’t require. You may take a sip and then let it go waste. The waiter will throw the water and it will be wasted. In California, there is a legal act on this. If in any hotel, waiter serves you water before you demand will be a crime and is liable of punishment. The waiter cannot give water to any of the customer until and unless they demand for it. These is the first step towards water conservation which can be easily implemented and think of it how much water would be saved.

water saving tips

There are various ways which were taught when you were in school where in you can conserve the water such as rain water harvesting, constructing dams, etc. these are some methods using which water can be conserved but these method requires money as well as time and people. But some method are to be implemented on our own for instance:

  1. Don’t take bath with shower because it uses 20-30 gallons a water at a time instead you can take bath with a single bucket.
  2. Close the tap after your toothbrush is wet.
  3. While washing hands don’t keep the tap open for long time.
  4. While shaving, take a bucket with water and wash of the razor in it.
  5. Constantly check for leaks of pipes so that there is no wastage of water.

So these are some of the ways using which you can prevent wasting of water and can conserve it for future purpose and hope you would also share it so more and more people would save water which will be helping us in future.


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