Facebook page exposure

Reality about Facebook page exposure.

Note: This post may hurt feelings of some people over the internet,but this is the reality.
This is not a trick/hack/tip to increase your Facebook page views/likes/shares/post likes/videos likes,shares/photo likes/shares/comments.This is about reality about what kind of stuff actually works really in Facebook.If you are looking for tricks/hacks/tips to increase your Facebook likes/shares look else where,there are tons of results showing in Google about that stuff.This  post is about reality behind Facebook pages.

Facebook page exposure
What kind of niches does really work well with Facebook pages?
I know this is not shared anywhere in the world wide web,all they taught is how to market your Facebook pages to get more likes/shares,they never ever tell you what kind of pages actually work in Facebook. Here is the reality,if your website/Blog/Group/Community doesn’t belong to the below listed niches,you will never ever reach more audience in Facebook.In fact if your pages doesn’t belong to these niches there is no use of maintaining a Facebook page,its utter waste of time,money,energy,work and all those things can be utilized to improve your other productivity stuff.
These are the niches that actually work in Facebook no matter whatever posted on the pages is genuine/important/informative/authentic.
Facebook Page Categories:(Niches)
Look at any news feed on your Facebook time line what is liked/shared/commented most;yes its entertainment related Facebook pages posts in the news Feed.Why Entertainment why not useful information/important productive information is most liked/shared/comment ? This is the first question that arises in your mind if your pages doesn’t belong to this niche.Yes Entertainment is the niche that is loved by the population that uses Facebook the most ie,. people in the age 18-30 yrs. Obviously you understood why pages in these niche get wide reach in Facebook.
The pages that fall under this category include
-> Celebrity Fan Pages (Official and unofficial)
-> Actors/Actress/Movies/Music/ pages (Official and unofficial)
-> Sports/Games/Sports Persons pages
-> TV/Directors/Musicians/Bands/Artists pages
-> Jokes/Comedy/Funny Quotes/Wired Stuff
->Animals/Kids/Girls Photos(children)/Morphed Celebrity photos
->College guys pages/Love pages/all the related stuff
If your page falls in any of the above category,no matter you post useful information/useless information/unofficial/unauthentic/silly stuff your page posts goes viral and you can just sit and watch your increasing audience. Don’t believe what i am saying,just make a page on any of the niche above,no need to web research or working hard to post genuine useful information,just find pages that already have the stuff of your niche,copy those posts and just post it on your page and see the likes coming.People don’t get bored/care see the same stuff again and again no matter how useless it is! they just want to waste time.You know you can even earn money while wasting other peoples time on Facebook pages.This is the bitter truth.If your page is not in above niches no one will ever recognize your effort no matter whatever and how useful information you pages posts are about.
Good thing about above niches is that there is no need to purchase Facebook Ads/work hard to make your page reach more people,you will get likes from real people and your page has more engagement than a corporate/non profit/information page out there that too for Free Free Free!!!!
This happened with our Facebook page,our facebook page is not among above niches,do you know what will people do when you invite them to good useful page to like and share the page more times as they are not liking the useful information? They will simply report your page as spam and your profile as spam,this is what the rewards you get from people for working for a good cause,this reality.Experience teaches many things,this happened to us our facebook page got blocked for a week,due such kind of people.
People don’t like good things they want bad things (no offense,people reading this,but you have to agree to this,its reality).If your page is not like this no matter whatever your post,how many times you invite your friends,posts on their wall,spam their inbox they will never report as spam,instead they some how confess one day and start promoting your page with their friends.This is the sad reality,we can’t change peoples attitude,that’s why i warned you in the beginning of the post and also told that if your page doesn’t belong to the niches mentioned here your efforts get wasted.
If you still won’t agree see for your self there some picture posts out there in Facebook pages that gets more engaged everyday than some information related pages which posts very useful information helpful in our daily life.Example of such pages picture posts are hit like if your are fan of some ABCD actor/Hit like to see the magic/Share the post if you like the Actor etc..
Facebook Page Categories:(Niches)
2. Companies Corporate
-> Food/Drinks brands
->Restaurants/Hotels/Motels/Resorts/Public places
->Cars/Bikes/Automotive company pages (Official and unofficial)
->Computer Brands/Mobile Brands/Entertainment devices Brands
->Companies where people work/Like to work
->Colleges/Universities/Schools/Institutes (Official and unofficial)
->Clothing/Accessories/Makeup/related pages
These are the second category niches which need some work to get into people,but finally they can establish after some time.
3. This is the last category which doesn’t know whether people in this niches need Facebook presence or not
->Information providing
->Non Profit Organization/working for a cause
->Blog owners/website owners which doesn’t fall under category 1,2 above.
We belong to this category that’s why we are not reaching more people.We are not here to provide useless stuff that’s why we fail reaching people,if your also the person reading the stuff who owns a page like us don’t worry you are not alone.Let us face the hurdles to convey what we wanted to convey,but don’t waste your money investing on Facebook Ads,other payments systems that provide likes for your page.As simple getting likes from 1000 real/unreal people doesn’t makes any sense as these like will not turn into engaging as that of pages in other niches.Even likes exchanges systems are utter waste in my opinion as they simply unlike/unfollow your page once they got their points in their program.Get real people who have real interest in your stuff.

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