Tips for buying Gold in India

Tips for buying gold jewellery in India

Gold is the precious metal that plays a major role in Indian traditions,unlike other countries India imports more gold as it has very high consumption.Be it as investment,Gold Ornaments India is the subcontinent that consumes majority of Gold in the world.During the last 9 years Gold prices rose up to as much as four times,This April the prices come down to some level.Indians are always leaned towards gold,especially women.This slashed prices are more beneficial to middle class and lower class people in India,as these people are waiting from a long time to make some purchases from a long time,Now the ...

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Stress and risk of heart disease

stress increases risk of heart diseases because

 This post focuses on the stress which is indirectly/directly leading to heart disease. Information and tips on stress management. In this century stress is one of the major problems that are causing heart disease. With increased technology there are some disadvantages as well as advantages. India is one among the developing countries with number people getting heart diseases increasing continuously. Medical researchers are not sure how stress contributes to heart disease. Stress is part of everyone’s life. Then why does stress causing risk of heart disease? Stress is a part of life, but if it is left un managed it ...

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Install Puppy Linux on usb drive

step by step tutorial to install puppy linux on pen drive

Today we are going to learn how to install secondary operating system to be helpful in emergency situations. This post focuses on how to install puppy Linux on an usb storage device on windows platform. Step by step procedure to install puppy Linux operating system on an usb storage device.If you want to view screen shots offline/ better view just drag them to a new tab in your browser and download/save them and view them in detail. Things needed Internet connection. Usb storage device (like pen drive, external hard disk, flash drive) with a minimum storage size of 1GB. Personal ...

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Superfood Eggs

superfood eggs

Yes they are super Food Source. They are less in calories, filling, quality protein, vital macro nutrients, and amino acids. We are talking about chicken Eggs. Old school body builders and athletes build their body with eggs. Eggs do have a bad reputation for cholesterol, yes a medium size egg contains about 186 mg of cholesterol, and there is a debate over cholesterol form diet and risk of cardiovascular diseases. Research shows that dietary cholesterol has not significantly responsible for cardiovascular disease.Also all the cholesterol we consume through eggs is not completely absorbed by our digestive system. As liver is ...

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