Yoga day as an universal celebration

We all engage in the celebration of different festivals in our life which can be annual celebrations or historic celebration. Do you ever celebrate yoga day ? You might be surprised to know that now this day is celebrates at  international level.


The United Nations General Assembly on 11th of December in 2014 had declared 21st of June as International yoga day so we can spend a little time for our own well-being because we all are busy in our tight day to day schedule. Rarely few of us are conscious of their health and maintain it, so for the awareness of common public concerning health and importance of yoga, this is celebrated universally. It creates consistency between mankind and nature.

You may arise a question that why it is celebrated on 21st of June only ?

It is as because this day  is longest in northern hemisphere region as well as of great significance for people in many parts of the world.Yoga is a 5000 years old Indian historical  legacy.


Yoga not only keeps us healthy but it integrates our body, mind and soul and it also brings harmony in your life which has a great level of consciousness and positively changing the lifestyle of humans.

Why we should  celebrate this Yoga day ?

It is very useful to control over mind and body as well as getting the proper health of body and mind by reducing the stress and anxiety.

It is one of the favorable methods to connect with nature and it is also supported by all global leaders such as Narendra Modi and many others.


It is celebrated by all the peoples of 170 plus country including USA, China, Canada, Toronto, etc. All members, observer of states, United Nations system organizations, other international organizations including NGOs, regional organizations, civil society, and individuals get together at one place for celebrating the International Day of Yoga in a suitable manner according to the national advantages to raising the awareness about yoga. It can be performed by anyone of any age as an exercise on a daily basis to satisfy the need of very dynamic and demanding life especially adolescents and adults.

Yoga is not a religion it’s a way of life