Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By accessing and using our website you agree to abide by and understand the following terms and conditions.

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Although we always try to provide well evaluated or research proven information, misuse of information by people can/may risk their health. We recommend individuals to check their personal health with medical practitioner and discuss with them before following any tips and health guides provided here.

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Reviews provided here are individual opinions of the people working at get life tips website. Our reviews are unbiased. We didn’t have any tie ups with companies for writing reviews. We don’t write reviews for payment. (We don’t post paid reviews). Individual opinions on brands/products may vary with different users.

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If we found you using the information for posting on your blog/website without permission from us (or) without the author/website credits and link back, we may file DMCA take down.

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Get Life Tips is committed to provide information and tips for leading a better life. You are free to browse the website/bookmark in social networking site/recommend to friends and family/colleagues.

Using any unethical software programs/scripts to attack (or) use the information on this website will lead to legal consequences, by using the website you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions stated here.

Creative commons License

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