Weight loss

Everything you need to know about weight loss

Weight loss
Do you know the most popular search term in any search engine all round the year? Yes it is “Weight loss” the most searched keyword in any search engine 24/7 365 days. This is the sad thing to know about, this makes us think how many people on this earth are suffering from obesity and its related diseases. Even people are making very good amount of money than any business for offering weight loss programs, diet plans, books, DVDs, dieticians, personal guidance ;what not everything under the roof which make people to opt for their weight loss plans/programs.
We are not targeting any clinic/gym/centre. This post is intended to provide information for people looking to lose weight/opting weight loss plans/weight loss program/dieting. By the end of this post you will get an idea on
What is weight loss?
Who need weight loss?
How to choose a weight loss program/plan?
For whom weight loss program/plan work?
How long will it take to lose n pounds?
Myths and facts about weight loss
Weight loss:

In this modern world increased technology use, machines, stress, work hours, luxury etc are directly/indirectly the cause of obesity. Obesity is a serious problem one should not ignore, every year millions of people are falling prey to this disease.The main issue obesity is it leads to several diseases which are cause of   life span to decrease. It is sad to know that 90% of people suffering from obesity never take their increasing weight seriously until they get some serious report of a disease that is caused by their weight gain from a doctor/clinical reports. The remedy is weight loss to decrease the further problems caused by obesity and overweight.

Who need to lose weight?
Anyone who are suffering from obesity/increased weight related diseases/cardiovascular disease/diabetes/high tension/Arthritis and related diseases/who want to stay fit.
How to know whether you are overweight or obese?


BMI (body mass index) this is the thing that determines whether your weight is in control or not. Please keep in mind that ideal weight for men and women as per their height and age is not the same. Always consult your doctor to know whether you need to lose weight or not.
Choosing a weight loss program/plan:
Remember to check these before you opt for any plan/program
  • Never make your own weight loss program by finding some plan in newspapers/magazines/TV program/internet site, without consulting your doctor.
  • Consult your doctor to determine if you need to lose weight, discuss your problems.
  • Weight loss programs should not be followed by people suffering from certain types of diseases/on medication without approval from doctor.
  • Weight loss programs are gender specific, a plan/program worked for a person X, may not work for Y and Z.
  • Women should get their hormone test done to determine if the cause of obesity/weight gain is due to abnormal hormone profile.
  • Never opt for weight loss program that says “quick weight loss”, “Lose n pounds in 7/30 days”.
  • The reason behind this is everybody is different something working for someone will not work for anyone.
  • Make sure that your program has qualified doctor, dietician/nutritionist and psychologist to monitor you.
  • Slow and steady wins the race; this applies to weight loss program; never hurry and make your own changes to your diet plan to achieve results quickly.
  • Stick to the program and follow up/track your weight logs to achieve results. Logging your progress is very important in any weight loss program/plan.
  • Never opt for a plan/program that doesn’t have RDA (recommended daily allowance) of vitamins, protein, minerals, and fats. Weight loss is not about these, it’s about cutting calories.
  • Your weight loss plan/program should not make drastic change in your diet right from first day itself.
  • Always opt for a plan/program that doesn’t focus on changing your diet completely (requiring you to opt a completely new diet).
  • Always know about the costs and fees when opting for a commercial diet plan/weight loss program.
  • Get information about how many people successfully completed their plan/program.
  • Ask whether food choices are flexible and suitable.
  • Know about the possible/ side effects if any in their program/plan.
  • Most important thing is whether their weight loss plan/program is approved by qualified medical professional.
  • If the plan/program uses supplements/pills/drugs to lose weight, stay away from it (or) consult your doctor and discuss.
  • Ask if you can continue using your existing medicines (if any) when on the weight loss plan.
  • Ask if there is a maintenance program to help keep lost weight (weight management) once you finish your goal.


How long does it take to lose n pounds?

This is the first question that arises in anyone’s mind who is thinking of losing weight. There no scale/duration that can determine that a person X will lose 10 pounds in 10 days. It differs from one person to the other. A person may lose weight more quickly while his/her counterpart still struggling to lose their first n pounds. Most important thing is not the duration but how healthily you lose weight.

Facts and Myths:

Myth: Fasting makes you lose weight rapidly; it is the best plan to lose weight.
Fact: Yes, fasting does help you lose weight, but at some cost of serious illness. Never consider as weight loss plan that involves fasting, as you will end up with illness.
Myth: Some X supplements is enough to lose weight in n number of days easily.
Fact: some supplements do help you lose weight temporarily, but with some side effects. If the person/ad tells or assures that it is permanent never believe it. As weight loss is in our hands it is us who can control our weight, not some supplement.
Myth: Drinking green tea/consuming green tea based supplements are good for weight loss.
Fact: False, green tea/herbal tea is somewhat helpful in burning the fat, but there is no evidence that they are complete source to weight loss. No supplement is FDA approved.
Myth: Drinking water helps lose weight.
Fact: Drinking water is helpful for weight loss, but is not the complete solution. Drinking more water can also lead to illness. Too much of something is not good.
Myth: Cutting meat, diary, eggs is very important for weight loss.
Fact: As long as you are getting RDA of vitamins, proteins, fats, minerals from other sources, you are good to go. Otherwise there is no reason to avoid them to lose weight. In fact eggs and lean meat are very good diet to lose weight.
Disclaimer: Get Life Tips doesn’t offer any weight loss plans/program the information provided here should be used only for educational/informative purpose. Always consult your doctor before starting any plan/program.
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