Gotenna device brings signal when you are lost

Gotenna is a device that fits in your pocket and pairs with your smart phone enabling you to stay connected even when there is no signal,no wi fi,no satellite signal and no towers nearby.
This device helps you keep connected with your partner( another gotenna user) in a rnage of upto 80 km. This is an innovative product launched by Brooklyn based GoTenna INC.
The product goes pre orders and expected to shipped after FCC approval this fall. GoTenna comes with 1 year warranty. GoTenna technology is patent pending.
gotenna device brings signal when you are lost
The makers claim that with GoTenna “No Service is No Problem”.
With GoTenna a user can:
  • Send messages even when there’s no cell service or wifi
  • Share locations and points of interest when you’re off-grid
  • Create your own network with friends or chat with others nearby
  • Send encrypted messages that aren’t stored anywhere
  • goTenna is sold in pairs, and each pair comes with two micro-USB charging cables.
GoTenna is compatible with Andriod and I phone.

gotenna how it works
How it works:


Pair your smart phone to your goTenna device wireless, using Bluetooth-LE. Your goTenna needs to be within 20 feet of your phone, so that the two can communicate with each other.
Use their app to type out a text message or share a location. Your smart phone will send the message to your goTenna, which will then shoot it out, via long-range radio waves (151-154 MHz), to the intended goTenna(s). At the other end, the exact same thing happens, in reverse: the recipient goTenna sends your message over Bluetooth-LE to the smart phone app it’s paired with.
All of this happens in a matter of milliseconds.
goTenna will work on all Apple devices running iOS7 or above, and on Android smart phones running 4.x or above. It also works on ipads and ipods. It also works on kindle or other android tables running Android OS 4.0.3 or higher.
Your goTenna will be able to transmit to any goTenna user within range.
Up to 50.5 miles or 81.2 km on sea / ocean / water bodies / open water.
Up to 49 miles or 78 km in rural areas/ less crowded areas / sub urban with houses.
Up to 27.39 miles or 44 km in urban areas or areas where you are surrounded by concrete buildings which block signal ( skyscrapers/ multi storied buildings etc..)
Up to 49 miles or 78 km in forests and thickly covered with trees and woods.
Upto 50.5 or 81.2 km in deserts and areas where there is nothing in sight and elevations.
Devices like these will help anyone looking to staying connected even in emergencies or when in no service areas.

gotenna for android and ios
Extremely helpful to travellers, adventurers, people living in rural areas, people who go on researching in the wild,deserts and on oceans.

Messages sent via the service are encrypted with RSA-1024 and can be made to self-destruct on receipt, similar to SnapChat. But they cannot be used to send messages directly to smart phones, only to other goTenna-connected devices.
You can take it with you on your next ski trip, vacation on a deserted island, music festival excursion, field study in a remote area.
Key app features
  • Send & receive text messages for free
  • Share locations on detailed offline maps
  • Instantaneous transmission within range
  • Automatic message retry & delivery confirmation
  • Individual & group messaging
  • ”Shout” broadcasts to anyone within range
  • Proximal friend map & location pinging
  • Emergency chat
  • End-to-end encryption (RSA-1024) & self-destructing messages
  • Compatible with iOS & Android
Key hardware specs
  • Antenna
  • 2-watt radio
  • Flash memory good for 1000’s of messages
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Micro-USB connector
  • BluetoothLE data interface
  • Status indicator lights
  • Nylon attachment strap
  • Water-resistant
  • Dust-tight
The dimensions of a goTenna are roughly 5.8 in x 1 in x 0.5 in or 146.7 mm x 12.7 mm x 0.5 mm. When the device extends, its length increases by 2.2 in or 56 mm. It weighs 2 oz or 57 g.
The battery will last you through 2-3 days of normal usage, meaning you have it on when you need to and turn it off when you don’t (e.g. when you’re sleeping). If it’s on 24/7, it will last 30 hours or so. If off, it will hold its charge for about a year and a half.
Buy gotenna device
goTenna currently ships to all addresses in the United States and its territories.
If you would like to inquire about shipping to another country, you should contact them.
Official Website: GoTenna
With the innovative device gotenna is going to be the best devices to carry when you are moving to a no service area. Some Rights Reserved,Contents sharing and distribution should be done only under creative commons license.

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