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In this article we discuss about some sugar addiction symptoms, sugar and ailments caused by sugar addiction, sugar de addiction, combating sugar, sugar and diabetes. Some tips to keep you less carve for sugar.
Sugar myths and facts:
Myth: Sugar causes diabetes.
Fact: Sugar itself doesn’t cause diabetes. But lot of sugar splurges can point to diabetes. Sugar can pack on pounds which eventually when neglected causes obesity and excess fat around your waist. These chains of events can trigger diabetes.
Myth: If there is no sugar listed in contents/ingredients of a product label it is sugar free.
Fact: It is not always not possible to see the word sugar on the product label. It can be hidden in other names like sucrose, molasses, malt syrup, lactose, glucose, dextrose, evaporated cane juice, high fructose corn syrup, brown rice syrup and agave nectar.
Myth: Sugars like honey, brown sugar and can juice are healthy.
Fact: Sugar is sugar whether it comes from cane or bees. Eating too much can give you fat at unwanted part leading to ailments.
Myth: I have joined a diet plan which promises to de addict me from sugar in some n weeks. It works.
Fact: If you have joined in such plan which cuts sugary foods completely from your diet all of sudden and promises that you won’t get back to sugar after the plan, don’t believe in such plans. Because you will eventually get back to eating sugary food after that n weeks. It doesn’t work. De addiction from sugar needs changing a lot of things in your life style, not diet alone.


Sugar Addiction Symptoms:
You get irritated if someone says that you should not have your soda.
You say you can’t live without your daily donut.
You feel bad when you miss your daily dessert/cookie/soda.
You lose control and eat more than you thought.
When you skip your daily donut you feel nervous, shaky, and sweaty. This is due to low sugar.


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Combating sugar:
As per required daily allowance women should not eat more than six teaspoons daily and men should not cross nine teaspoons.
In order detoxify yourself from sugar, you have to train your taste buds to enjoy things that are not sweet.
Try to cut one sweet item from your diet a week, going slowly in sweet detoxing works.
Be strong and keep your carvings in control.
Slowly reduce your sugar in tea/coffee/cereal.
When you are in detox plan, you don’t need to completely avoid sweet tooth, just switch to other sources.
Try fruits that are dried/canned/fresh without adding extra sugar. Eat oatmeal, have a cup of yogurt/low fat milk.
Always make small changes so it will be easy to keep up with your goals.
Use less processed foods/products.
Eating protein is a good way to combat your cookies/donut. High protein foods digest slowly keeping your huger at bay, try eating eggs.
Let fibre help you eat greens, look for fiber rich fruits and vegetables. Include them as much as possible.
Artificial sweeteners are more dangerous than sugar; don’t even think of using them.
Exercise can’t cure sugar addiction, but it definitely improves ones lifestyle and food consciousness.
Do some physical activity that interests you, it may be walking, strength training, swimming, playing outdoor sports/games, cycling.
Last but not the least make a habit of reading labels for high sugar that are hidden in your favourite foods like BBQ sauce. Some Rights Reserved,Contents sharing and distribution should be done only under creative commons license.

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