Amazing Body language tricks to become more likeable

Body gesture plays an important role to make one’s personality strong and makes a strong impact on one’s mind. Maximum people get a failure due to their defective impression. With knowledge and skills, one should also have immense body language to impress others. One’s personality not only make them look good but also improves  and augment their confidence. By reading this article you will get to know how to maintain your personality and also help you to gain your confidence.


1.  Make positive impression:

The way of your expression should be positive. If someone is trying to talk with you then never underestimate them. Show your approach towards  him/her that you really care about what they are saying you. Person’s true motives and intentions matter a lot.


2.  Way of representation us:

The way of communication should be verbal. Your language should be easy to understand and the way how you representing yourself should be comfortable with others. Encourage the person to engage with you in the conversation. Avoid serious conversation.


3.   Eye-contact

You should maintain your eye-contact with whom you are talking. Never undivided your attention towards them. If for a reason you want to lose you eye-contact then do it smoothly not to jerk. Maintain confidence while communicating with others due to which your personality will impact on them.


4. Body language:

When you want to connect instantly with other, shake hand. It will make  you more comfortable with them to communicate. Not to articulated movement of arms and fingers while speaking because it shows a lack of confidence. Use some of your hand movements but don’t be over the jerk. Not to fold your hands keep it free. Not get too rigid or fixated.


5.  Well dressed

Your dress should be simple not too western not too traditional. Your dress material should be very much comfortable to you neither too tight nor too loose. Never overload yourself with too much jewelry.

This all  mentioned facts works a lot to make your personality better from good.