Productivity myths and facts

Productivity myths,facts and tips

Myth: Multitasking makes you more productive and efficient.
Fact: When you multitask your IQ level drops to 1% and your ability to make decisions accurately reduces,multitasking is good for computers not for human beings.
Myth:Productivity has nothing to do with stress,being awake all the time makes your more productive.
Fact: Stress is the factor that affects the productivity to much extent,if you are person employed to work with computers or your work involves no physical activity,then your IQ reduces 2-5% per every 3 hours.Taking caffeine drinks to stay awake all the time,doesn’t make any sense as  your ability to work efficiently decreases with time.(More continuously you are working on something).
Productivity myths and facts
Solution: Some XYZ marketing company has around 20-30 employees and their profits keep raising 50% every year,do you know the secret behind their employees productivity.
They said “No person can concentrate continuously for more than 3 hours when working on a computer,so we take a 20-30 min break every three hours.During the break they get away from their workstations and start playing( Basket,volleyball,hide and seek,shoot at sight (toy guns) in indoor stadiums).

After the break they get back to work and they work more efficiently there by improved productivity and well utilization of time. Employees feel satisfied with their time spending,they get healthy and also more productive”.

Myth:Social Networks should not be blamed for decreased productivity. With the increased BYOD (Bring your own device), young employees feel that they can be more productive if they use their favourite applications on their own device.
Fact: BYOD like things won’t work with younger generations and small scale companies,as they don’t have necessary infrastructure to control what employees can access and use.Social Networking is a distraction to employees at workplace a it decreases their productivity as much as 5-10% per every 3 hours.
Myth: Giving employees access to company servers/portals to work from home,improves productivity.
Fact: No it never increases productivity more over it makes employees lazy and  inefficient.Lack of sleep makes him/her tired as the person assumes to complete the work at any time even from home.And focuses on unnecessary things at work place like networking with friends on social networking sites.Lack of sleep also make his IQ levels to drop to 50% recent research shows that every 8 hr sleep you lose per week makes your IQ level fall below 2% this increases further as the days follow.
Those are some myths and facts about productivity.
Here are some tips to improve productivity and health as well.
1.Make smiling a habit,look things on the lighter side.
2.Make sure to get your 8hr sleep.
3.Exercise/Physical activity everyday for 20-40 minutes at least.
4.Be positive and don’t blame for your failures,analyze the causes and work on them.
5.Be kind and help people,it will make you feel proud and happy leading improved productivity and reduced stress.
6.Stop spending more time answering phone calls,emails,messages/texts.Learn to say ‘No’ for some.
7.Schedule your day ahead and make reminders/set alarms.
8.Make use of technology get the apps/software do things for you. Automation can help greatly.
9.Keep a scribble pad/journal with you all the time and keep using it to remember the tasks to do later.
10.Go nuts for increased productivity and health,eat nuts( Walnuts,almonds ) these nuts are high in good fats and protein,not only helps your brain functioning but also increases your longevity.( Research shows eating nuts daily for an year increase life span by 1.2 years.
11.Put your communication devices like mobile phones/smart phones away if you really want something to be done.
12.Walk away from desk if you feel that your distracted and could not concentrate any more,go for a walk and be at your desk after 30 minutes.
13.Organize files/documents/modules/data physical or soft copies,organized things will require less time when you want something to retrieve/use.You not only save time,but also use that to some productive task.
14.Stop answering your mails in the inbox early in the morning,Keep your work mail and personal mail confidentially.Use spam eating mail services when you need to provide email address for signing up for newsletters/email subscriptions.This will make your personal email inbox spam free and also saves your valuable time.
15.Outsource some work that you feel not important/it is affecting your main project.Outsourcing helps you focus on things that are more important for you,it also reduces some work pressure. Just be sure to employ reliable people when your are outsourcing your work.
16.Set a single purpose/focus on single task at a time,move to next task only upon completion of this,this may not work all the time,but certainly helps your productivity some times.
17.Divide your work into small chunks and easily executable modules/tasks and achieve more productivity in less time.
18.Use your smart phones/tablets for productivity not for fun/entertainment alone.Some useful apps like ever note,to-do list apps are extremely useful.
19.Take a nap at work,be it 20 mins or 30 mins you should feel rejuvenated after nap.Find a quiet place and rest.
20.Get a dog this may sound crazy what can dog do with my productivity? It helps you get your daily dose of physical activity done without escaping there by increasing productivity.
Want to be more productive,but you couldn’t achieve?
Check if you loving what you are doing or not.If not find another job that you love,these tips will not work unless you properly implement them and also if you are not loving what you are working on. Some Rights Reserved,Contents sharing and distribution should be done only under creative commons license.

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