Amazing health tips to stay fit and live long

Each of us knows all the basic things to maintain good health and stay fit throughout our daily lives, but not all of us are aware of such basic things. Basically, there are quite common ways to maintain amazing health and stay fit as well as live long.

Aging – the most common as well as faster happening process with which every living being is associated and it keeps aging as per specific living being’s lifespan. Talking about us – humans, we are quite desperate when it comes to aging and each of us keeps looking for better anti-ageing creams and other products.

But not all of us are aware that, such ways to look younger and use of anti-ageing items causes adverse effects along with catastrophic results.

There are some very specific things which characterize and depend on how fast we age or say our body age viz. Genetics, Lifestyle and Environment.

  •    Genetics:

Based on our family’s as well as our parent’s genomes, our body ages and has similar aging effects just like your siblings. With such genetics effects, one can also get affected with some diseases which are inherited from your parents or say, grandparents.


  •    Lifestyle:

Most of us are habituated with a comfortable lifestyle which is idle and less working efforts. Everyone is attracted towards extravagant lifestyle and addicted to latest trends and because of which they are not able to maintain good health as well as not able to focus on exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

  •    Environment:

With current population bewitched to high lifestyle, various adverse effects are shown onto environment and presently, an environment is being more and more polluted by different possible means. Some of such pollutants are vehicles and industrial smoke, water pollution which ultimately effects on all living being as well as the environment.

Here are some amazing basic health tips to stay fit and live long:-


1.  Smoking and Drinking:

smoking-and-drinking-getlifetipsMost people have habits of smoking and consumption of alcohol is quite common in these days due to various reasons including one’s professional as well as personal success and failure.Such bad habits are supposed to be eliminated from regular life in order to stay fit and maintain a healthy body.It is not easy for one’s who are habituated to smoke and drink but if we are determined to do so gradually we can stop and quit such unhealthy habits.


2.   Healthy food/ fruits:


To stay fit and live long, one should consume healthy food items which are full of nutrients, glucose, vitamins, fibres etc. Other than our normal and regular diet plan we can add juicy and fibrous fruits into our routine and one can be habituated to consume healthy food instead of unhealthy snack such as junk food items

3.   Regular exercise:

exercise-getlifetipsExercise not only keeps us fit but it also increases our  stamina to work efficiently. One should spend at least an hour for exercise. It is not at all necessary to do exercise only but you can also enjoy by playing your favorite sports which can stretch out our body and also keep you healthy and strong.

4.  Stress:

All most each of us is facing stress due to one or other reason. Some are facing due to   overburden of work or due to personal issues.To relief from stress, there are numerous ways such as listening to music, meditation or yoga, spending time with your closed one or also you can do something creative and start a new hobby to do something new. One can also get relief from stress by going on a long drive to spend some time in nature and enjoy the beauty of it.As we discussed above, by following some of these essential tips we can maintain our body healthy as well as stay fit. Most of these tips are common yet effective in our daily life and we can manage to switch to such healthy habits in just a few days and keep following them regularly.