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Xiaomi Mi3 Review

Xiaomi Mi3 Android Smartphone

Flipkart launched the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers phone Xiaomi Mi3. The premium Android smart phone with awesome design,specifications,features,performance,reliability and price in a country like India where smart phone users are always looking for incredible features and design in higher end segment for lower price. Launched exclusively on flipkart Xiaomi Mi3 is the best phone for the budget of 14k.At Rs 14000 this phones out performs the phones in the range and also competes with the high end phones from HTC and Samsung. Competes with Samsung s5 and htc m8.This phone is much awaited in India and sold out within 30 ...

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Save Internet data and Bandwidth

With Increasing mobile users in India, Mobile phone service providers first bait with free 3g or 3g for 2g prices and later up sell and increase prices after users get used to internet usage on smart phones, data connected devices like tablets, palm devices, and laptops. Mobile data plans are most utilized by students,working employees on the move and areas where there is no cable broadband or affordable internet services. Over the last 3 years mobiles data consumers has almost tripled year by year. The main reason behind this is the increased use of mobile phones for staying connected to ...

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Motorola moto phones in India

Motorola has launched three new smart phones which are named after Moto Series.These motorola moto phones are solid,performance oriented and affordable. Motorola is a OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer ) Unlike Indian players like Mircomax, Karbonn, Lava and Intex. Motorola do not buy china parts and assemble their phones. Motorola manufactures every piece of these awesome gadgets with specialized custom hardware needed for its specifications. Motorola was once the biggest competitor in India when Nokia and Samsung where the only brands present in Indian market.After a long time Motorola made back to Indian market understanding the needs of people who ...

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Gotenna device brings signal when you are lost

Gotenna is a device that fits in your pocket and pairs with your smart phone enabling you to stay connected even when there is no signal,no wi fi,no satellite signal and no towers nearby. This device helps you keep connected with your partner( another gotenna user) in a rnage of upto 80 km. This is an innovative product launched by Brooklyn based GoTenna INC. The product goes pre orders and expected to shipped after FCC approval this fall. GoTenna comes with 1 year warranty. GoTenna technology is patent pending. The makers claim that with GoTenna “No Service is No Problem”. ...

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