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Everything you should know about Apple Watch

Apple Inc. announced its new device as Apple watch on 9th September ‘2014. CEO of Apple Tim Cook announced apple watch as another device from its company launching with iphone6 and iphone 6+. The watch is the rivalry of the android wear watch and it has bloomed the market upon its road to the market. Sources told that around 1million people have already pre ordered the watch. Apple has started to take preorder of the watch from 10th of April only and the giant company of smartphone has set a record of pre orders. Company is trying to send as ...

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7 steps for successful digital marketing

The mind of a digital marketer

Digital marketing the new buzz in the internet marketing world, many companies and businesses are now getting online as the online marketing is transparent and results can be evaluated with ease than traditional marketing. SEO is generally misinterpreted and seo alone cannot make your online business success. SEO is just part of the digital marketing plan which improves serp results and traffic which plays an important role in conversions. In this post we will learn about the 7 steps for successful digital marketing campaign /plan and obviously the digital marketing consultant you are working with for your company should have ...

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Everything about Alexa Traffic Ranking

Alexa user share

Alexa Traffic rank, this is the buzz among the people who are new to seo or blogging. Unlike Google page rank which is hard to build, Alexa ranking can be manipulated and built in a small amount of time. So today I will give and reveal some facts and secrets about Alexa rankings that most webmasters follow. Who should read this guide? Anyone who want to increase/decrease/improve their Alexa traffic ranking. Anyone who believes in Alexa ranking as important and needs it to be good ranking for their blog/website. People who want to know about how Alexa ranking works. People ...

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Facebook Save Feature for productivity

How Facebook Save Works

Facebook save feature was introduced by By Daniel Giambalvo, Software Engineer,Facebook on July 21, 2014.This is another new feature introduced this year after mentions for celebrities who has verified their profile.Facebook standard features like,share,comment and tag were a big hit in the fb user community. This new feature save is targeted towards increasing the engagement with the Facebook time line stories,news,blog posts, and feeds related to pictures,videos etc… We have found some useful ways to use the Facebook save feature for different people who use Facebook in daily life. For Publishers/Bloggers/Content Marketers: After seeing the drop in content engagement rate ...

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