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Facebook Save Feature for productivity

How Facebook Save Works

Facebook save feature was introduced by By Daniel Giambalvo, Software Engineer,Facebook on July 21, 2014.This is another new feature introduced this year after mentions for celebrities who has verified their profile.Facebook standard features like,share,comment and tag were a big hit in the fb user community. This new feature save is targeted towards increasing the engagement with the Facebook time line stories,news,blog posts, and feeds related to pictures,videos etc… We have found some useful ways to use the Facebook save feature for different people who use Facebook in daily life. For Publishers/Bloggers/Content Marketers: After seeing the drop in content engagement rate ...

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Save Internet data and Bandwidth

With Increasing mobile users in India, Mobile phone service providers first bait with free 3g or 3g for 2g prices and later up sell and increase prices after users get used to internet usage on smart phones, data connected devices like tablets, palm devices, and laptops. Mobile data plans are most utilized by students,working employees on the move and areas where there is no cable broadband or affordable internet services. Over the last 3 years mobiles data consumers has almost tripled year by year. The main reason behind this is the increased use of mobile phones for staying connected to ...

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Top productivity hacks

goal setting

With increasing freelancers ,small business entrepreneurs and individuals working from home, being productive most of the time is very important. In this article we discuss about the productivity hacks,tips and techniques that will improve your overall work day and increase productivity. When it comes to entrepreneurship/freelancing productivity is directly proportional to the income that you are going to derive out at the end of the month/day/week. So it is very important to stay focused to get the business growing. Unlike 9 to 5 workplace schedules many of the work from home individuals lack some scheduling which eventually affects productivity. With ...

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Top 5 Qualities for becoming a successful CEO

creativity of sucessful ceo

Today we are going to tell you about the top 5 qualities that top CEO’s of the companies in the world possess. The qualities that are mentioned here are scientifically established under several surveys and independent research groups that revealed the secret behind the success of top employee of the companies. There may be several other important factors that can contribute to the success of a person in the CEO position but the qualities described here will definitely play the lead role in the path that will lead to reach the objectives. The five qualities are as following Creativity The ...

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