some tips from millionaires

Some tips from millionaires for success

The article aims at providing motivation and some tips  from millionaires who are doing various businesses, entrepreneurs, self made millionaires and lot of other people. By the end of this article you shall feel confident and motivated to get into the list of millionaires. See the success mantra.

some tips from millionaires
Who don’t love money, this is the only thing that runs the world, whatever may be the currency, which ever part of the world it may be. Money rules in every sector of human life.At some point of time in everyone’s life a few questions will strike their mind.

money rules the world
They are

How everyone is getting rich?
How can I become a millionaire?
How can I earn more money?
How can I be famous and known? Etc…

So here we have compiled some tips and information that may answer these questions and also about millionaires and their success.

Be Positive to become a millionaire


Be positive: Yes the moment you want to be in the list of millionaires, start thinking how millionaires and multimillionaires thought. Self made millionaires says “Make a goal and set target. Everyday say to yourself that I am worth more than $(your actual worth) add zeros to make it big.” Write down daily that you’re worth more than e.g.: $ 100, 000, 0000. This is how you should keep yourself motivated till you achieve your goal.”
Okay now that you have set a goal, what kind of goal did you set? Don’t tell me that you wanted to make millions by getting into a good job. If this is your goal/target you are never going to make it, even if you make it you will get old by the time you reach your target.

set your goals millionaires


What should your goal be?
A business/entrepreneurs/start up/ company. These are the sectors in which your set target should be.Now that you learned what your goal should be, don’t start the company/business the right way.Wait a few months.

How to avoid business from failures?
You got an idea and you decided to invest your money right away? Don’t do that. Successful millionaires say “Do a little bit of trial and error, before you leap into the real thing”,

this makes your investment risk free, and do your math.( You should plan your budget for at least an year, the money should be kept separately for spending). This helps you if things turn into disaster.

Be different,innovative and unique to become a millionaire


Be innovative and think different: This is what all those successful millionaires say. If your business is the same thing that is already available to the people in the market, nobody will buy your product/service; you should think different and offer a new product. Just making a new product/service is not enough you need to make it reach to people. Sometimes even if the thing is already existing you can offer it in a better way and can be successful. Remember innovation doesn’t mean your creativity which doesn’t convert into $$$ if your creativity with innovation earns you $$$ then it is fine.

Real life successful entrepreneur who made it to millions just from already existing thing, do you guess who he is?
He made it better that is what made him successful, he is none other than Mark zuckerberg, he is one among the co founders of Facebook the largest and most successful social network.

women entrepruners and millionaires

Shama Kabani Founder and CEO Marketing Zen Group says If you have an idea, put it out there and then figure out how to improve it. Look beyond the bottom line and toward the bigger impact.

What made Facebook so popular?
This is because the way it offered things is better than any other social networks offered then and now. When i came to know about social networking sites in India Orkut was the only one social network ruling the country, now did you hear it from anyone ? The answer will be No.

The difference is what made this happen, this is not only with India but also with rest of the world, and social networking sites like MySpace existed even before Facebook existed. Today Facebook is in top position only because of that difference and innovation.

Millionaires say “If you want to become millionaire put your passion into reality”. Yes this is what you should do; this is how Facebook became reality, a simple college portal aiming to find the faces of people who look pretty, now become part of trillions of people’s lives.

You have an idea in mind and you know technology? Doesn’t really turn things into money.
Successful Millionaires say “You should be financially literate.” Learn all about money, read books, meet successful Entrepreneurs read their books, and follow money management & Investment magazines.Increase productivity.

Appoint a good financial adviser, accountant and personal assistant. Time is the most valuable thing in a millionaire’s life; you should do what they (successful millionaires) have done, focus on target and outsource your work (that you’re not good at) and un important things to others.

Next, this is the most important thing to make millions “Start investing and stop spending.” This means you should stop spending money on your life needs like buying TV’s, gadgets, luxury cars, boats, villas, etc…At least for a few years till you will be in a position to pay yourself and sure that company/business is succeeding.

4 D's for becoming a millionaire
Make sure you have these four D’s to become millionaire. You should be Determined to become a millionaire. You should Dare to risk your investment. Dedication is the third D which is very important to be successful. The fourth D is Discipline which is the most important among all. Be it business/job disciple in what makes you stand apart and become successful.
Backup: You should focus on saving money; your investment shouldn’t get you into problems. Make sure you have multiple sources of income.
Support: is one of the important things that helps and motivates you to do more, if you lack support from friends and family. Don’t worry internet have many people and groups that you can network with, to get some support. Honesty and transparency is what makes you more successful in a bunch of millionaires, so never lose those qualities even when you become a millionaire.

sucessful millionaires tips for entrepruners and business people

The day you reach your set target don’t party for yourself, be humble and thank everyone who played their roles to make it happen.

Necessity is the mother of invention this not only makes scientist invents things, but also entrepreneurs and business men start something.

Finally if you want to become a billionaire think Big. All the best.

Our goal is not to build a platform; it’s to be cross all of them.
Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Founder Tips
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