eating sweets is not sweet for you

Eating Sweets is not sweet for you

There are tons of reasons to stay away from sweets, but there are no reason/recommendation that proves that sweets are beneficial for one’s health. Why you should limit/avoid eating sweets. eating sweets is not sweet for you
  • · They are no way beneficial to your health; sweets contain not even traces of single vitamins/minerals/essential fats/proteins.
  • · Sweets should be limited because doctors recommend eating not more than 6-8 teaspoons of sugar per day. If you eat a piece of sweet dish it contains daily recommended allowance excluding the other sources of sugar that you consume daily.
  • · Sweets should be avoided as they are dense in calories, eating too much calories but not burning those calories makes them turn into fat, the result is obesity.
  • · A survey conducted on a group of people showed that people eating sweets are more prone to accumulating fat over belly and stomach. This implies you get belly fat and visceral fat by eating sweets.
  • · The survey also stated that those who eat sweets in their life lacked physical strength. They are more tired and lacked vigor.
  • · Sweets are the root cause of diabetes. If you know how diabetes affects our body, then you should consider avoiding sweets.
  • · Sweets are filled with artificial flavors, colors, synthetic preservatives, eating these chemicals in the food for period results in various health problems. Some of these are deposition of phlegm in lungs, damage to digestive system, mood swings etc..
  • · Sweets are also cause of dental problems; the sweets contain sugars which get deposited in gums. If not properly flossed after eating them results in damage to gums.
These are some of the reasons which are enough to tell that one should limit/avoid consuming sugary sweets.
Can I consume artificial sweetener sweets; can i hinder the disadvantages of sweets by consuming such type of sweets?
No, consuming artificial sweeteners brings more problem than consuming sugar, it may hinder calories caused by avoiding sugar, but other side effects of consuming artificial sweeteners come into sugars role here. We definitely never recommend them.
Okay, Then how to satisfy my sweet carvings?
Solution is Buy fruits that are sweet in taste and consume them when your sweet carvings are not controllable. Apple is one such fruit that can satisfy your carvings. Pick your fruit as per your budget. If you can’t afford apple, your best alternative is banana.
Our final word, stop wasting money buying those useless sweets, invest that money in buying fruits/other healthy foods. Eat clean and be healthy.
Note: It may be difficult for a person addicted to sweets, to switch over to fruits. So we recommend you to start slowly and we hope you will succeed. Once your body is De addicted from sweets, you will feel healthy and active. You will no longer carve for sweets; also you will get a feeling not to go for sweets. Stop eating them and you will notice a better you, we always want you to be healthy. Take our advice stay away from sweets. Thanks for reading, implementation is important than reading this. Some Rights Reserved,Contents sharing and distribution should be done only under creative commons license.

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