godaddy domains review

godaddy domain name registration reviews

When it comes to content publishing online/E-commerce/websites domain name is the most important thing.It tells everyone about your online presence. A good domain is essential for getting your presence online, which is accompanied by registering/purchasing domain name from a good domain name registrar.

This is our first service review in our reviews category.

Service Reviewed here: GoDaddy Domain Registrar.

 godaddy domains review


Some facts about GoDaddy:


Largest ICANN accredited registrar on the internet.

More than 55 million domain names are registered with Godaddy
GoDaddy has their own data centres.
Blogging Platforms like Blogger by Google recommend Godaddy for domain name.
GoDaddy Registers/renews/transfers more than one domain every second every day.
Apart from domain names Godaddy offers more than 40 other products on its catalog.
GoDaddy employs more than 4000 employees which include developers.
GoDaddy has now linked to payment gateway to pay in Indian Rupees through Net banking, credit card, and debit card.


We have purchased our basic .com domain name from Godaddy .We considered other options before heading to GoDaddy. Being from India we need domain registrars who allow us to pay in Indian rupees.

We needed a domain name only as the blog is hosted by Blogger a product of Google.

We shortlisted the registrars according to the following criteria:

Compatibility with blogger
Up time as Good as Blogger hosting
Ease of use
Customer Support
Payment options
ICANN Accredited Registration
Low 1st year domain registration cost
Technical tools and configurations
Knowledge base and support forums
Reselling options
Other Extra features and freebies.

GoDaddy wins the list and it has all the above mentioned features and it is the most used registrar in the world. We went ahead and registered the domain name.

With a coupon code we are able to purchase a .com domain name with private registration under 250 rupees (at that time) for a year.

Configuring blogger with Godaddy is the easiest thing we ever did, it just took us less than 15 minutes to mask the url, name servers, email configuration.

We are 100% satisfied with the domain up time (99%) which is on par with blogger. The Godaddy dashboard looks initially cluttered but if you play around with it for a few minutes you will find all the tools required for you to configure, optimize and diagnose the domain name.

The best tool on the dashboard is the diagnosis tool which helps you to test your site speed, security and up times. One can easily optimize site loading time from this tool by analysing the data.

With every domain purchase we get:

Personalized Email
Photo Album
For Sale Page
Getting Started Guide
Domain Forwarding and Masking
Domain Locking
Total DNS control
Change of Registration
Status Alerts
Auto Renew Protection
24/7 Technical Support and sales
Phone, chat and email support

The best thing with Godaddy is it’s in depth knowledge base which is very useful to help you to troubleshoot/configure your domain name yourself quickly. Being the most popular registrar you can find support from the hosting providers also (If the hosting is not with Godaddy, Blogger is an example host which provides some support base to Godaddy domain configuration).

Overall rating: 4/5.
Ease of use: 3.5/5.
Reliability: 4.5/5
Performance: 4.5/5
Support: 4/5.
Value for money: 3.5/5.
Compatibility with Blogging platforms: 4.5/5.

GoDaddy also offers Free Affiliate program and referral program which you can use to get some commission and credits.

Verdict: We recommend Godaddy Domain name registration service for anyone looking to get their blog/website a good personal domain name. This review is only valid for their normal domain name registration. We have not evaluated their premium domain name service. 
Note: Uptime of the website/blog/web resource also depends on the hosting provider. Always register domain name with ICANN accredited registrar and be safe. Some Rights Reserved,Contents sharing and distribution should be done only under creative commons license.

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