Heart Healthy Supplements

Heart Health Supplements

Supplements may help improve life after a heart disease,some people take supplements to prevent the risk of heart disease and improve life.Let us get into details of some heart healthy supplements that can help improve life.
Consuming supplements without doctors consultation may be useless and risky.Always consult your doctor to know whether the supplements work for you or not before adding them to your daily routine.Supplements are not substitute to medicine/treatment/cure to any disease/medical condition.Consuming handful of supplements daily which are available at counter can be harmful to your health.Whether you are interested to consume supplements to improve the life/prevent further risks after a heart disease,it is always better to consult a doctor.
Heart Healthy Supplements
The following are some of the research proven supplements that have shown to lower cholesterol,improve blood circulation,prevent risk factors that contribute to heart disease.
  • Fiber ( Psyllium Husk based supplements)
  • Sterols and stanols (plant sterol and stanol supplements)
  • COQ10 ( Only available in supplements)
  • Fish Oil (Fish Oil Supplements)
  • Garlic (Garlic Extract Supplements)
  • Green Tea (Green Tea powder and Green Tea Extract Standardized Supplements)
Apart from COQ10 all the above supplement replacement can be found in natural food that we consume daily.
Fiber is the best part in our food that cuts down the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed by the body.Psyllium husk is the popular fiber supplement at counter found to reduce bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.We should intake a minimum of 25-30gms of fiber daily for a healthy heart. If you think your intake is insufficient you may look for psyllium husk supplements.Consumption of food rich in grains,vegetables,fruits,legumes can help you reach your requirements.
Sterols and stanols are found in nuts and grains. Foods like orange juice,margarines,yoghurt and almonds are rich in plant sterols.Recommended allowance is 2gm per day.There are sterol and stanol supplements available as an alternative.
Fish oil consumption reduces the risk of heart disease by lowering triglycerides and improving blood pressure.Fish oil is rich in omega-3,dha which is helpful for brain functionality as well. The best way to get fish fats is to consume fish in your food/dishes.If you are not eating fish well,look for consumer lab approved fish oil supplements.Always prefer certified fish oil supplement brands recommended by your doctor.
Garlic helps reduce the blood clotting and plague formation in your blood vessels.So consume it in your food.There are some garlic extract supplements available at counter but prefer it to consume in food.Natural garlic is proven more effective than supplements.
Green Tea is not effective when compared to all the other supplements we have discussed when it comes to heart disease.But studies reveal that Green Tea consumption seems to lower bad cholesterol and risk of developing high blood pressure.Green tea is also available in supplement form as Green Tea Extract.
Finally we have left COQ10,this is a ubiquinol which is made naturally by our body.COQ10 is key for normal functioning of cells.Doctors suggest COQ10 supplement consumption when our body is unable to make sufficient amount of COQ10.This supplement helps lower blood pressure.When COQ10 is taken along with heart failure drugs studies showed improved symptoms and quality of life.This supplement is also suggested for statin using patients to improve COQ10 levels in their body.
When your food and lifestyle changes help health of heart supplements can further boost the quality of life.
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