How to Exercise your Brain?


Did you know the fact of Human Brain? What’s importance of the Brain in Human’s body?

“The information in our brain travels 268 miles per hour and 70% of the Human Brain is Water“.

The main Part of Human’s body is – BRAIN, which is located in the head. Our Brain has 100 Billion neurons. Our brain can’t feel pain. It can receive 1,00,000 signals per second. Our brain is the most powerful then any computer.

That’s why it’s important to do an exercise of our brain to keep it healthy. Our brain is like a muscle – if you use it more, it becomes more powerful. The same thing happens with our brain.

Go for the morning walk: Morning Walk has super important in our life…..why??

If you go for morning walk, your brain will become more sharpen because the circulation of oxygen will become proper. It keeps you active.


Read more, live more: Reading is the best exercise for brain, How??

The answer is – the more complex word you read, your brain give more output. From reading, you can learn new words so your brain work actively.

“If reading is that much important for brain exercise, then Writing also important for the brain”.

To write something on any topic, it needs lots of thinking. Because to write something, the brain has to learn that thing. The brain has to remember all things so by writing, we can develop our brain.

Fasting also one exercise for the brain……..How??

If a person does not eat for a few time – approx 15 to 16 hours, then it becomes good for brain. Because on that time brain damaged old memories or stress so skipping food for some time, it becomes useful for the brain.


“By learning a new language, makes brain enable to store more information”.

Stress the Brain : If you want to make your brain sharp then you should give stress your brain……..why & how??

Because if you stress your brain with a new task, the brain can adopt new things. The learning skill of brain will become more powerful. You can add the learning skill of brain by Playing a logical game like sudoku, chess etc…By playing video game also improves the skill of brain.

If you want to exercise your brain then give the challenge to yourself. Yes, it works.Because by giving challenge to ourself makes brain powerful.You can give any type of challenges by doing competition to yourself only. For example, if you have a habit of wake up with the help of alarm then give challenge yourself to wake up without alarm.

Social media also help for making the brain sharp.Spent some time with people.By talking with people, sharing ideas with them makes the brain healthy.

“Lifetime learning skill keeps the brain active”.

You can learn those things on which you have interest as well as you have to learn those things on which you never learn it before. Taking new hobby also gives a better performance of  the brain.

Regular Exercise always builds self-confidence and make yourself powerful.”