How not to get in a relationship?

not to get in relationship

Some people love to be in a relationship because they want but personally someday you will get rid of being in a relationship you know why?? because you are mentally not prepared of being in a relationship. Relationship occurs due to attraction it is all about attraction and you and the entire people of this universe thinks that it is love but actually it is nothing like love just attraction. why you want to be in a relationship?? can anyone tell me what is so good about relationship i tell you what it makes you feel different than others it makes you feel unique which are not but you just felt like that that you are something which is good for confidence. But honestly it is just a waste of time and if your time is wasting then your talent is also wasting in the end everything went wrong and you will reach again from where you have started.

I have seen many of my friends doing this but they all say in the end that dude it is just a time pass they all want is sex from them which is not good i mean it is good if you are really committed with your girl but if you are not you are ruining her life which is not good. Just to fulfill your desire and thirst you are doing all this which is not good. If you are good enough than why you want all this kinds of things and if you really cannot control yourself then you should go and ask your parents get marry and do whatever you feel because that will be nothing wrong in that.

say no to toxi relationships

As per me i will never get in a relationship i mean it’s better to be single if you are having no girl in your life there will be less problems in your life and you will be successful person. You know what there is a saying behind every successful men there is a women behind haha. But i personally think that behind every unsuccessful men there is also a women behind him. So what does this both thing say’s can anyone tell me? i tell you this is all happening because of the women if you were single there will be no problem in your life and you will be happy like you were in your childhood you know what all this tension and depression is the cause of every disease there is no cure of this both disease except meditation which you will not going to do i know that.

In few day’s i will see lot’s of people having gift’s in there hand flower’s rose etc many thing you will see on this valentine some of the people were smiling feeling like wow that they have done something very big or achieved something like a lottery hahaha what is this valentine day dude i mean it is the day of wasting lot’s of money and also wasting too much time on the girl who is not going to last long haha i mean majority of the couple will not able to succeed their relationship some will but some won’t.

So now i will only tell you one thing if there is a girl in your life is good if you are truly in love with that girl and if you are just playing then result will be very bad which can also ruin your life. So please do not get involved in any kind of relationship because this world has lot’s of things further to do you have lot’s of things to achieve in life your parent’s have many dreams on you which you have to fulfill because there is no other person who can do that for them.