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Does Hospitals spread more viruses than any other places?


Does Hospitals spread more viruses than any other places?

Everyone is highly concerned regarding hospitals while going there for any routine check-ups or even while visiting any friend/ family member. Have you ever thought of other places which could spread more viruses than Hospitals? Of course yes, that’s absolutely possible for some of the most common places which can not be only hospitals but other places too. We are here discussed being health conscious and several steps to prevent before being infected with some of these contagious viruses.

These days, we see large numbers of people going everywhere due to one or other reasons. Some of most familiar Public Places include Bus Station, Train Station, Movie Theater, Business Meetings, Hospitals, and Malls and many other places. Such entire list of places can be long enough to read for many days. Generally, people visiting these places uses most common things such as Door Handles, Windows, Shopping Cart at the Shopping Mall, Your Bus Seat etc. All of these places have already been in contact with huge numbers of people just before you went there and touched it. So, it is for sure that some of those people might have been infected by one or other disease. Or also, it could happen that he/ she might have been a carrier of some contagious viruses. So, after themselves, these most common places are being touched by you and boom! You will be infected by such viruses. You won’t even notice or feel that you have been infected up to several hours. You will notice when you start sneezing or feel sick. But till that time, you won’t even remember about that exact place from where you have been infected.



All of such most common public places can be dangerous for any of us but while it comes with hospitals, most of everyone is conscious about it. Why not? Everyone should be conscious about their health after all; we know “Health is Wealth”. Other than most public places, hospitals are certain of infecting you with several viruses. But now all types of viruses can kill you although you need to be aware of that.

For all of the above mentioned scenario, we have several precautions to keep in mind before visiting any of public places of hospital:

  • Always be conscious of your surroundings, if there is anyone around you, who looks sick then you better stay as far as possible from that person.
  • Anyone around you is coughing or sneezing repeatedly/ constantly, and then you must immediately cover your nose and mouth and try to sit away from them.
  • Always keep hand sanitizer in your purse/ car for certain places. Hence, you can keep your hands clean after touching/ visiting certain places or things.
  • After visiting any of your friends’/family at the hospital, take a bath and wash your clothes properly because they might have caught several viruses on them.
  • Everyone’s hands are the most common organs to touch everything, so always keep your hands safe and keep washing them repeatedly.
  • Children and aged people get infected with such viruses, so they should be concerned more than any of us.
  • While you are out of the home, wherever you have been – after entering into a home, take a bath or wash your hands and face carefully because you have been visiting so many places.
  • Not all of these places have purified the air. As the science has proved, air plays the key role for spreading lots of viruses.

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