If Google servers go down

This article is about what would happen if google servers goes down for a day. These are just some assumptions that may happen on that day, just read out for some facts that are hard to believe if there is no Google.
Google is not only a search engine, but over the years it has acquired a lot of web based portals, services and applications for maximum services offered to its users/ customers.
Let us imagine what would happen if Google servers in entire world goes down including the portals,applications,other services acquired by google and operating now.
If Google Servers go down Google Products
Starting with the Search Engine:
Google Search Engine is widely spread in the entire world that some would be surprised to know that there are people out there who believe that google operates the entire Internet rather than a search engine.
With use of android based smart phones and addiction to Google Chrome those who are brought up in Google environment do not know how to get information from the web, as they were never used Internet without google or they are not known of any other search engines.
Only people who used Internet before google know good search engine and web portals and how Internet look without google. A day without Google Search is like a task for people to sharpen their brains and get productive for information research. People who are used to google search will feel like apocalypse.
Most affected people with google search down:
People who do not remember even some mostly used websites:
I saw many situations where people do not even remember their most important websites that need to be remember like net banking sites, ticket booking sites, government services portals and many more.
People are so addicted to google search that they never remember the website url of a single website they just type in google the website name or keyword and blindly click on the result in result pages, this is actually not a good way to deals with sensitive information/online transactions.
Those people who know the only address google.com are the first suffers when google search goes down.
People who knows about existence of alternative search engines but they do not know the website url:
There are some people in the above crowd who knows that alternative search engines exist but they do not know the url. This happens because people usually do not care using the browsers bookmarks, most switched to chrome browser and this made the situation even worse making them dumb.
Everything they want they turn up to google. Actually google has become a verb and we often see people use it in conversations like “ I Googled it and found the answer”. Search
engine has so much impacted the people.
People who use google maps instead of remembering the routes:
Google maps is really an amazing product of google, we should appreciate it. But people are so much addicted to Google Maps that they do not even know that some other mapping softwares exists.
People stopped remembering landmarks and road routes with google maps and this led to nobody knowing the routes in a unknown location where you have been earlier, but just blindly followed maps to reach the destination.
Google earth is also a part of maps product and with google earth and mps down most news channels will show normal maps when broadcasting weather reports in the news hour.
Web Traffic gets Stalled:
All the online business will get a severe loss in one day itself. Websites which are not so popular do not even receive a single hit on that day. Many People will learn to enter url in the address bar for first time in their life.
All the software and technology companies relying on google search will stop working and will be in a dilemma to overcome the outage.
Bloggers and publishers are hit the most with their content not read by people,they lose traffic and money. A day without google means 75% of web traffic get stalled.
Facebook gets a hit:
You will be puzzled how Facebook gets hit with google servers down? The answer is Google servers almost all the information on the Internet through various products. With Google Servers down, you will not see the shared videos embedded in Facebook posts and pages.
You will not see latest news feeds that are syndicated by millions of blog,websites,portals and web applications. You will not see quotes/sayings/funny pictures/trolls/viral posts/videos these are very few of the services that get hit with google servers down.
The logic is people use Google’s various products to deliver these content in Facebook channels like pages,posts,groups etc.. With Google servers down you will actually see a cleaner Facebook time lines with less content from other sources than your friends.
It would be like Facebook in early days. People will not get enough engagement and will leave Facebook as it bores them other than just a IM ( Instant messenger ).
Electronic media and print media get hit:
A day without google servers and products means a night mare for many news channels in the world, they can not copy the videos on YouTube, they cannot copy news gathered by other journalists around the world, in word they do not have content to program for viewers other than what their journalist bring. This halts the media in the world.
World goes back to 25 years where the way news reached us is not real time or instant. Print is not left behind with many newspapers and magazines stealing the work published by bloggers online, they will be left behind with no content.
While the search engine itself affects the entire world in this way, with shutting down of Googles 35+ products the entire world will definitely experience an Information and communication Apocalypse.
Gmail shutdown:
When google offered email in the earlier days there we not much users who liked it with google acquiring the products like YouTube,blogger and adding innovative products like google apps the whole dram has changed now google advertises that one account all of google.
With people getting lazy with technology overdose many switched to gmail the worlds largest used email. People using it for personal and business purposes get stalled with gmail down. They will not make any appointments/meetings/hangouts/ the work day gets collapsed.
With most people using android based phones and syncing the events and schedule with google calendar most will lose the to do list. A day without gmail is a disaster for any google products user.
Without gmail you will not be able to check your documents,spreadsheets,presentations,forms, apps etc..
Business users using google business apps and cloud services will be hit and all the communications gets stalled. It is a complete disaster.
With Google and its products down that entire Internet traffic totally collapses. With google servers down you will loose all the data that
is stored by you on their services.
Affected products and services
Google Search
Google Chrome
Google Android Devices
Google Playstore
Google Toolbar users
Google Maps
Google Earth
Google Mobile
Google Mobile Maps
Google Adwords
Google Adsense users
Google Apps for Business
Google Shopping
Google Checkout
Google Chrome and all of its extensions/apps/themes etc..
Google Libraries
Google Developer Tools
Google Forums
Google Sites
Google Image Search,Video Search and advanced searches
Google News
Google Picasa
Google Panoramio
Google Alerts
Google Trends
Google Analytics
Google Drive
Google API
Google Documents,Spreadsheets,Drawing,Presentation.
Google Cloud Print
Google Glass
Google Translate
Google Groups
Google +, Google Plus Business Pages Google Hangouts
Actually there are more than 101 Plus google Products,some are discontinued and some are still active.
With all these services shutting down the Internet will be free and people will get mad on how to do some day to day tasks and things. Many gadgets and devices stop working properly.
Today google powers from mobile phones to laptops,computers,desktops,cloud devices,gears,workstations,data centres and even ISP’s. This may not happen anytime, even this blog is hosted on google servers so, it is better to brush up your browsing skills,email accounts, and other day to day activities to face any situation.
Even if I write about the alternatives without google search you cannot reach my blog.
So from today you should remember to do few things that will help if things go wrong.
  • Always have some personal business hosted email and sync your email among to email providers.
  • Remember to use a browser like Firefox for learning good Internet browsing skills, use bookmarks to remember your favorite websites and portals.
  • Add web search engines ( google alternatives) to your browsers search engine list.
  • Use Alternative search engines then and now to see how they are working and to face a day without google.
  • Usealternative maps websites and applications.
  • Remember the Internet important website URLs or write it down in a safe place.
  • Use your brain to find information from books and newspapers, use of Internet has made people so lazy that cannot even find their way to their home without maps assistance.
  • Try to write letters and use pen and paper to make to do list.
  • Use smart phone only for what they are meant for excessive usage will only result in loss of productivity.
  • Get around the place you are living and meet new people and find new places.
And do not forget to bookmark my website. Hope this article is informative as well as entertaining. Drop your comments and let me know what you feel about Google servers
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