Sunny days as detrimental one!

We all wait for summer because it not only brings vacation but with vacation it brings something new something tragic. We started planning    for summer before it’s arrival such as where we will go for outings, how we will spend our summer days and what not. As the coin is having its two sides, there is also some malicious experiences concerning summer.


During  summer vacation mostly we find children outside their house so they may feel unconscious due to loss of glucose level from their body, not only Kids are waiting for an announcement of vacation dates of summer during their last days of school same as employees are waiting for their leaves. You will surprised to know that as summer brings happiness with it also brings discouragement. Many adverse effects are observed during summer.

Here your curiosity ends. Following are some of the effects which are harmful to mankind as well as for animals.

  1. kids but it also affects to elders those who are continuously outside of house due to some professional purposes.
  2.  As the temperature starts to rise in June and continues its upward climb through August and holding steady until September, cooler weather clothing gives way to mini-skirts and tank tops. Not a bad thing but the sweltering heat also brings about funky smells due to a pile of garbage thrown into the street.
  3. Extremely destructive UV rays which are emerging from the sun falls directly on the skin and become a reason for skin cancer. It also causes tanning. It not only affects the skin but it also get affected to  eye’s retina and it can make us blind.
  4. Don’t get too much sun. Sunburn makes the job of heat dissipation that much more difficult.
  5. To keep the body temperature at the level, a sweating process starts automatically to cool down the temperature, if it does not occur then it may lead to heart stroke i.e. death.
  6. As the temperature gets higher water of ponds and river get dried up so street  animals and wild animals are dying due to a scarcity of water.As mentioned above, the harmful effects of the sun are described. Try to avoid outings during high heat i.e. 1 pm to 4 pm.