problems caused by prolonged use of computers

Prevent ailments caused by prolonged use of computers

 In today’s world it is not possible to stop using computers. Everyone use it at some point of their life. Using the computer/Laptop/Notebooks for a longer duration in a day may lead to many ailments. Hence we focus our post on how to prevent those ailments.
problems caused by prolonged use of computers
Common ailments caused to people using computers are:
·         Back pain
·         Neck pain
·         Wrist injuries
·         Redness in eyes
·         Headaches
·         Depression
·         Lack of vigor
These are actually caused due to prolonged use of laptops /netbook/notebooks than desktops.
If you are feeling redness in your eyes after a Facebook session, probably it’s time to wake up and follow these tips.
prevent problems with long use of computers
Follow these tips to prevent them

Choose right furniture to work on your computer. Ergonomically designed furniture support your posture and help prevent back injuries, neck injuries and spinal injuries.

When using laptops/netbook/notebook always try to place them on solid surface/table.

Make sure you try to sit straight when you are in front of computer.

Don’t lean forward /backward often.

Taking care of eyes is very important for people working on computers, keep blinking your eyes every 10-15 seconds to keep eyes from drying up.

Make time to give a 2-5 minutes break to your eyes every half an hour, look around away from screen.

Stand up and stretch a little every hour during your session.

Keep your hands clean while working with keyboards, never eat while working on your computer.

Never keep food/drinks at your desktop/laptop/netbook while working on them.

Wash your eyes every six hours and pat dry with a towel, this relives the eyes from stress.

Use light coloured backgrounds whenever possible. They make less stress on your eyes.

Try to use LCD/LED monitors whenever possible, keep your screen brightness to lowest possible value.

When buying monitors for your desktop look for the manufacturers that offer glare free and radiation free screens.

Take your requirement and choose the correct monitor size that suits your work.

Never cradle your phone on shoulders, while working on your computers. This leads to serious neck injuries.

Turn off your wireless devices whenever possible. Use LAN based broadband to reduce the harmful radio waves.

Good sleep is very important to relieve your eyes from the stress that is caused when working on computer.

Exercise and eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, eggs and drink milk to keep your eyes and body healthy.

If you work on computers at your workplace, limit using them when at home. Give some rest for your body.

Keep yourself hydrated; drink plenty of water, especially during summer.

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