tips to overcome snoring

Sleep Patterns

Today we are going to learn about why sleeping early in the night and waking up early in the morning is helpful and important for a healthy life.
tips to overcome snoring
Getting 7-8 hours of sleep daily is essential for men/women of any age. Lack of sleep is the root cause of many things.Let us know what are the ailments caused by lack of sleep.
  • Your body needs rest after the day work,when your sleeping the body rejuvenates and relives from the stress caused during the day.If proper/adequate sleep is not provided.Our body will still be repairing the previous days stress and fatigue,hence it makes us exhausted and weakens our energy.
  • The result will be lack of interest to do work which in turn effects productivity.
  • Lack of adequate sleep and improper sleeping patterns cause stress.Stress is the main cause of other ailments that are linked to it like High Blood Pressure and Chronic fatigue.
  • Lack sleep causes Obesity.Getting adequate sleep can help manage your weight.
  • If you wake up early in the morning you can get out for a good early morning sunshine.Follow up with exercise,jogging,walking,yoga or any physical activity.
  • This physical activity increases metabolism and makes you alert and stay active.
  • Physical activity increases blood flow in your body,mind will relive from stress which helps in better functioning of brain.
  • Lack of proper sleep causes increase in the body weight and stress the result risk of coronary heart diseases.Other ailments like fatigue,weakness,depression are also caused by this.
  • Many people can’t sleep properly,even if they sleep;they snore.Snoring is caused when brain and other parts of the body are unable to obtain adequate oxygen.This triggers the brain to use mouth to draw the extra oxygen to fulfill the deficit.Often snoring is caused due to problems in nasal cavity and throat.One shouldn’t ignore snoring,as snoring causes increased stress on heart,increased heart rate results in heart enlargement.Consult your doctor if snoring persists even when your not suffering with cold/flu like symptoms.
If you are unable to sleep,consider it as a serous problem.
Simple changes in lifestyle will help you get your sleep patterns corrected.
Yes,i know its difficult to get to bed early for you all at once.Start slowly,reduce your time to get to bed daily.At least you should get to bed by 10PM.Most of us watch the idiot box for long hours waking up till 12.Limit your TV watching time.You should stop watching TV 30 min before you hit bed.Good ambiance will help you get to sleep quickly.Make your bed room free from cluttered clothes and other things.Proper air flow induces sleep.Watch what you are eating for your supper,it effects your sleep.Good Physical activity help you get to sleep,exercise daily.Limit your alcohol/smoking activities.Tell your friends to call in the morning as you need to get to bed early.Make a habit of sleeping early,this will help you to wake up early.
After all Health matters most than anything else,sleep tight and be healthy. Some Rights Reserved,Contents sharing and distribution should be done only under creative commons license.

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