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Speed up metabolism for weight loss

We have posted earlier about weight loss, hope you have gone through it. Many weight loss plans/diets fail to work some times, metabolism is one among the factors that keep you slowing down achieving your weight loss goals. Today we are going to share some facts and tips about metabolism and its role in weight loss.
think weight loss
What is metabolism?
Metabolism is the process of energy generation and use. It involves chemical and physical processes in the body that convert or use energy.
How metabolism helps in weight loss?
Metabolism not only converts or uses energy, it also involves in how effectively you burn the energy/calories. The rate at which you burn the calories/energy that is generated in your body is called metabolic rate. This metabolic rate is the main factor that makes you look obese or lean. Lot of things influence the metabolic rate, more the metabolic rate more quickly you burn the fuel/energy/calories.Not everyone in this world have the same metabolic rate, it depends on genes, hormones. It’s hereditary. Actually overweight or obese people already should have a high metabolism and they should burn more calories, but if it is not happening then your metabolism have either slowed down or not working well. Metabolism helps weight loss as it help you burn your calories faster there by lesser chances of calories converting into fats. There by aiding in weight loss.metabolism and weightloss

Some facts about metabolism:
People with more metabolism are often skinny and hard gainers.
Metabolic rate depends on how much amount of physical activity you do in daily life.
Metabolism starts to decrease after 25 yrs of age,it decreases from 5% to 10% a
decade in an average person,this how often hear from elder people that they are feeling like indigestion,lack of hunger and other digestion related issues.
You need to check whether your metabolic rate is normal or not to know whether you need to speed up metabolism.
Men burn more calories than women as they have more muscle,thus metabolism is not the same in both the genders.
More muscle means more fast you burn the calories,thus men have an advantage over women.
women tend to decrease metabolic rate more quickly than men with age.
Don’t worry though you can’t speed up your metabolism overnight or up to 100%,the tips provided below will definitely help you boost it up a little which makes you achieve your goal quicker.
Here are some tips:
  • Manage stress and try to avoid stress,it indirectly effects your metabolism and leads to weight gain.we posted some stress management tips here earlier.
  • Avoid those sweets these high calorie foods are not good for you at all.
If you can drink Green Tea,you can boost your metabolism a little.
Drink Green Tea for Weight loss quickly
Eat in small quantities many times a day rather than 3 meals a day.Eating 6 small meals a day can help boost your metabolism.When you heard it don’t eat whatever you like eat healthy and real food(Avoid processed foods,deep fried foods,sodas and soft drinks).
Eat more protein,you should get 10 –35% of your calories (daily) from protein.Eat a handful of almonds,pistachios,apricots,walnuts in one of your 6 meals daily.Not all of them daily,but any one of them handful in one of the meal.
Eat protein for weight loss
If your a avid coffee drinker then this is for you,drinking black coffee moderately help boost your metabolism temporarily.
Build Muscle yes you are reading it right,as we have discussed above more muscle you have more calories you burn.If you have packed some muscle your body keeps burning calories even while you are sleeping.Women may not build muscle from strength training,but it does help them a lot in loosing weight.
start working out for weight loss
Aerobics are best exercising method to boost your metabolism,its a boon for women,as it is easy to do and it helps them a lot.No equipment required just some time to burn those calories.
Areobic for weight loss in women
Drink water,yes more water you drink more effectively you can keep your metabolism working.Dehydration leads to slowing down metabolic rate,thus stay hydrated.
Get 6-8 hr sleep,sleeping promotes balance in hormones and reduces stress.sleep is one among many factor that contribute to lot of disease apart from obesity.
Be inspired don’t give up with your weight loss goals,keep working on the weight loss strategy and you will definitely succeed one day. Some Rights Reserved,Contents sharing and distribution should be done only under creative commons license.

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