The mind of a digital marketer

7 steps for successful digital marketing

Digital marketing the new buzz in the internet marketing world, many companies and businesses are now getting online as the online marketing is transparent and results can be evaluated with ease than traditional marketing. SEO is generally misinterpreted and seo alone cannot make your online business success. SEO is just part of the digital marketing plan which improves serp results and traffic which plays an important role in conversions. In this post we will learn about the 7 steps for successful digital marketing campaign /plan and obviously the digital marketing consultant you are working with for your company should have the skills in these seven areas for better ROI.

  • SEO
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media
  • Analytics
  • Advertising

Let me tell you how this series of steps work with each other delivering the best digital marketing plan.

Search Engine Optimization: The digital marketing consultant will work on the on page and off page optimization techniques to bring in the traffic required by the website. This will impact the search engine rankings and serp positions of the particular business website.

Conversion optimization: After successful seo campaign the results will be visible and you should see an increase in traffic to website from various channels, here comes the conversion optimization which includes landing page optimization , split testing, proper placement of call to action and convincing the visitor to do the preferred call to action. Your consultant should work on conversion optimization on your website pages and serp results meta description to improve it further.

Web design: Your website design hold the key reason for decision by your website visitor to convert or not. The proper marketing plan should also focus required changes to website design if needed. Many visitors do not convert because of poor navigation, no proper way to find required information they are looking for and more.

Copywriting: This involves in optimizing existing content and adding the new content as required after fixing the web design for optimization. Many websites usually lack the information a visitor is looking who comes from Google or other search engine and the visitor will just hit the back button / closes the window. Good copywriting work improves the content in the website there by the visitor stays on website for more time,which decreases bounce rate.

Social Media: social signals are important for many business, it gives trust and branding to your website which improves the customer relationship greatly, a good consultant will recommend the proper channel for business type based on the industry and establishes and maintains traffic also improves seo and serp results in long-term.

Analytics: After successfully completing the above steps its time for monitoring and analyzing the analytical reports. Your consultant should integrate the proper analytics at the beginning of this digital marketing campaign for better optimizations and strategy planning for website and business.

Advertising: This campaign/plan should be accompanied by proper advertising in electronic media,sem, and smm will deliver the best results.

Here is an info graphic about The Mind of a Digital Marketer by SorianoMedia an SEO company in Las Vegas which better illustrates all the steps mentioned above. You could get more information and insights from sorianomedia digital marketing blog post.

The mind of a digital marketer

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