Benefits of compound exercises revealed.

This article focuses on importance of compound exercises, workout tips and some facts about compound exercises.
What is a compound exercise?
Compound exercise is a workout which involves exercising two or more muscles/muscle joints at the same time. The most common and effective compound exercise is pull-ups.
Compound exercises usually involve training with weights as well as non weight training. Personally I feel that compound exercises are the best workouts when compared to specific muscle strength training for a person looking to stay fit and in shape.
Benefits of compound exercises are many; we reveal some most important benefits: 
– You get in good shape as the compound workouts/exercise always involve and target more muscle groups.
– Reaching your fitness goals is easier with compound workouts/exercises as a single compound workout is equal to two or more muscle specific/isolated workouts.
– Compound workouts are perfect as they train your body muscles in better proportions, than specific muscle workouts. After all your workouts should not make you look uneven right! Yes I am talking about the body builders/fitness freaks in your gym whose bodies look odd, as they train the specific muscle group more times. This in turn results in a body which looks oddly built.
– Unlike isolated/specific muscle workouts compound exercises/workouts builds muscle mass more rapidly and quickly. This is a boon for hard gainers.
– Compound exercises should be the most preferred exercises for beginners who started the workouts/exercise programs. This makes the best choice as after training for a few months they will get to know which group needs more muscle mass and definition. Thus they can take right choice of isolated/muscle specific workout to make the body in good shape.
– Compound exercises make one build muscle in right proportion according to his height: weight ratio.
– Compound exercises/workouts burns more calories than individual/isolated workouts.
– Compound exercise/workouts also trains your cardiovascular system, thus helps in more free flow of blood.
– They increase your strength and overall performance to do daily tasks/as well as fulfill your requirement. Athletes should never ignore compound workouts.
– They help you prevent muscle atrophy, as you feel exhausted in less time, thereby preventing over training.
– The most important benefits of compound training is that it helps your body stimulate some important hormones related to muscle growth, thus helping you build muscle mass quickly than your counterparts.
– If your isolation workouts are not working, then switch to compound exercises for a while and see the difference.
Now that you know how important compound exercises and workouts are, let’s now get started with some basic compound exercises / workouts that actually work.
Pull-ups: Yes you are reading it right! Most of you never do it or do it only some times, but if you are not doing pull ups you are actually not training well at all, this is the most important compound exercise.
Personally I have benefited a lot doing pull-ups; the best thing about pull-ups is you don’t need to get to gym to do it.pull-ups is a very simple exercise if done properly you can see a very good results. Beginners should start with weight assisted pull-ups.Keep training for more sets as you increase the strength. Ideally a single should contain at least 8-12 reps.
Pull ups workout more than 4 muscles at a single shot.
Some of them are Biceps, shoulders, Trapezius.
Bench press: This is the second most important compound exercise; it involves lifting a bar with weights while lying on a bench/flat surface.This workout requires weights, hence you need to get to a gym or if you have pair of dumbbells, that will do the task. The benefits of bench press remains in how properly you execute it. Always keep a spotter around if you are lifting some heavy weights.
Bench press helps you workout more muscle groups like any compound exercise.
Some important muscles worked are chest muscles, triceps, Pecs,
Pushups: Pushups is the next most important exercise that everyone should include in their compound workouts.
For pullups,bench press and pushups execution details read 30 minutes intense workouts for busy people.
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