Facebook page exposure series part 1

Facebook page Exposure
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Large businesses/companies and in corporations have manpower and funds to manage their social media presence to improve their exposure and increase their product sales/customer support/increasing leads/targeting customers. This is not the case with small businesses/bloggers/webmasters/entrepreneurs with less manpower/time and funds to grow their Facebook audience.

Facebook page Exposure


Why you need to have a social media presence on Facebook?
We recommend you to Know about what kind of niches work for Facebook pages.
For Small Businesses/entrepreneurs: 
Engaging with customers
Providing customer support
Announcing products/services.
Providing discounts/promotions
More leads/new consumers.
Building more brand reputation
Driving traffic to your website/online store.
For Bloggers/web publishers/content creators/webmasters:
Driving traffic to website/blog.
Increase social presence/exposure.
Search engine optimization.
Getting new readers for your blog.
To improve Page rank.
Improve the blog monetizing options.
Increasing CTR (Click through rate).
Building brand/increasing reputation.
Increase the authority on World Wide Web.
Attract direct advertisers.
Sell Affiliate products/services.
Now you got an idea of why you need a Facebook presence. In order to gain more exposure on Facebook for any business/entrepreneur/blogger/webmaster/content publisher. You need to learn about Facebook platform.
Understanding Facebook:
Quick facts
In 2011 27% of all time spent on Facebook was in the news feed.
In 2012 40% of all time spent on Facebook was in the news feed.
People spend 10.5 billion minutes per day on Facebook news feed.
In us alone people spend more time on Facebook than the time they spend on six major news websites.
More than 30% of Facebook users are based on mobile platform that have never used desktop version.
Facebook is the No 1 social network with 600 million active users as on Feb. 2013, and more users adding to the network daily.
Developing countries like India where the internet is getting more available to rural and people in semi urban areas are logging into Facebook.
In the last two years we saw tremendous user base increase on Facebook platform in India. Facebook Aggressively marketed their platform by tying up with major mobile operators.
Majority of the users of Facebook platform in India are 18-25 yrs old who are active most of the time.
36% of Facebook users post brand related content on their wall.
20% of shoppers prefer purchasing products through social media platforms than from brand website.
58% of businesses see drop in marketing costs when they move to Facebook for business.
Social commerce sales will reach $30 billon/year by 2015 with 15 % of sales occurring through social media, where Facebook has majority of share.
These facts are enough to prove that social media platform like Facebook is very important to businesses and bloggers/web masters/entrepreneurs.
Things that won’t work to increase your Facebook page exposure:
These are very important for anyone looking to gain Facebook page likes/fans/customers/leads that will be more useful to them.
Buying likes from services like fivver,Facebook likes selling websites etc.,.
Participating in likes/shares/fans increasing systems, usually something called as Facebook like exchange system.
Paying for some website/blog/person who claims to increase your fan base/likes for your page.
Purchasing eBooks that claims to share tricks/software’s that increase your fan base for Facebook pages.
Purchasing software/bots that claim to increase Facebook exposure in unethical and illegal ways.
People who have failed in Facebook marketing are mostly the victims of above mentioned product/services users, which won’t work any day.
Why should I trust you that those above mentioned thing won’t work?
Yes, this will be the question that strikes your mind the second I told you that those things won’t work.
Here is the explanation
People selling 1k likes on fivver/any other service will definitely bring your pages 1k likes/whatever they claim to give, now let me tell you why those likes won’t work. Most of those likes are just likes, understand?
If you have 1k likes and your feed post/picture/video is not getting any exposure what is the use?
Your 1k useless likes which never comment/share anything about your posts, never interact about your Facebook page post.
You purchased some useless script/software/bots which sometimes claims to get more likes, what if they won’t turn into leads?
You used unethical/illegal ways to give more exposure to your Facebook page and what about your brand reputation/image?
In order to implement a good Facebook strategy that will improve your page exposure and turn you fans into leads/customers you need to understand how Facebook algorithms work. You need to hire/recruit a person who is good at marketing and is up to date with Facebook working. Now you might have got the point why those like systems/eBooks/services/bots/software won’t work for your business. They don’t have perfect up to date information on how Facebook works/how Facebook algorithms change over time.
In order to turn your Facebook page into leads and gain more exposure, you need to understand how Facebook evolved and how it works.
You need targeted fans/likes in order to get succeeded in Facebook marketing.
You need up to date knowledge about Facebook updates and new features.
You need an online content manger to manage your page, having knowledge on Facebook insights, Google social media analytics.
After you understand Facebook pages and algorithms, you need to plan a strategy for increasing your Facebook exposure.
Analyse Facebook insights and implementing many strategies until you get success, maintaining your secret formula and keeping track on competitors.
Exploring unexplored ideas/strategies in order to improve further when there is competition from other brands/businesses in the same niche.
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