How Facebook Save Works

Facebook Save Feature for productivity

Facebook save feature was introduced by By Daniel Giambalvo, Software Engineer,Facebook on July 21, 2014.This is another new feature introduced this year after mentions for celebrities who has verified their profile.Facebook standard features like,share,comment and tag were a big hit in the fb user community. This new feature save is targeted towards increasing the engagement with the Facebook time line stories,news,blog posts, and feeds related to pictures,videos etc…

We have found some useful ways to use the Facebook save feature for different people who use Facebook in daily life.

For Publishers/Bloggers/Content Marketers:
After seeing the drop in content engagement rate after changes to time lines in Facebook, content marketers,bloggers and publishers were hit badly.The most hit people are business pages and Facebook pages of brands,websites and blogs.So how can you use the Facebook save feature to get some more exposure and engagement to your content on Facebook.

Earlier you asked people to hit like/ write comment/ please share with your friends for various posts/pictures/videos and status updates. Now here comes the save feature, now it is new thing and start asking people to save it if you like.

How Facebook Save Works
How this works.

Whenever a user saves the particular post ( picture,video,link) the saved posts are bookmarked under his account. There by the probability to view the content shared/ published/posted by you on Facebook increases.We also know that the Facebook posts expire after sometimes and the lifetime of the post is depends on several factors and engagement metrics. So the simple way to reach more people is to ask them to save.When you are asking them to save a particular thing make sure you be creative and your content is valuable to the users. In this way you could use the Facebook share feature to reach more people and increase the engagement.

You can also save all the posts made by you in your facebook account and arrange them in categories and share them with your friends. This makes you to archive all the posts in a organized way and also helps your audience to show more interest on your shared save list of posts.

Facebook Save for Facebook Mobile
Facebook Save Feature For Productivity
Facebook Save for Links,Places,Posts,Pictures and more
For businesses and organizations:

Facebook save can be used to save the places people visit and the map location on their Facebook account.You can use the save feature to ask your customers to save your place on their Facebook save list. There by giving a value to their visit whenever they check in at your business location.They can share their experience at your business review and rate. When they share your business location with their friends there is more probability to increase the exposure and customers to your business.Also if you provide good services the saved list in their account will remind them of you and increase the probability of return of the customers more times.

For working people and facebook users:

Facebook save feature is very important time to save time on Facebook, if you want to increase your productivity at work place.This is also very useful if you have no time to read,view,play a Facebook post appeared in your time line. This is what actually the Facebook save was introduced for.We often find useful and important news stories on the time line but we forget to read time as we have no time to check them out and when we login after sometime we will not find them,so in order to help with this behavior we can use the save feature and save the stories that we want to read later. Also we can save all the important videos,links,pictures that are informative and make them in a list and read it in the spare time and in the weekend.You can also save your bandwidth by not searching/scrolling through long pages for searching a particular post which you have missed reading on your time line.

Overall Facebook save is the important feature to improve the Facebook experience and productivity.

Facebook share feature help:
How to use this Facebook save feature.
To save something you see on Facebook (links, places, music, books, movies and TV shows):
Find the thing you want to save:
   From your News Feed: click Save in the bottom right of a post or click and then select Save
    From a Page: click and then select Save.
How do I view and share the things I’ve saved?
When you save things on Facebook, they’ll appear in your Saved Items that only you can see.
To view and share the things you’ve saved:
    From your homepage, click Saved in the left column
    Click a saved category at the top or click All to see everything you’ve saved
    Click your saved item to view it or click Share to share it with your friends
How do I archive something I’ve saved?
To archive something you’ve saved from your Saved Items:
    From your homepage, click Saved in the left column
    Hover over the item you want to archive and click x in the top-right corner
To permanently delete something you’ve archived previously:
    From your homepage, click Saved in the left column
    Click Archive at the top
    Click next to the item you want to permanently remove and then select Delete
Who can see the things I’ve saved?
Only you can see the things you save on Facebook until you choose to share them.
I hope this blog post helped you to learn the new Facebook save feature. Thanks for reading. Some Rights Reserved,Contents sharing and distribution should be done only under creative commons license.

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