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Foods that boost immunity

We are told by doctors and dieticians then and now the importance of immunity in keeping oneself protected from diseases and infections.In this article we are going to list some important foods that boost immunity, that will certainly improve your health.
Boosting immunity is not a one day journey it takes a lot of time,dedication and efforts to get results.Immunity boosting involves consuming healthy foods,exercise,nutrition and staying active.
Nutrition includes consuming right amount of antioxidants,vitamins,proteins,minerals,amino acids,ployohenols,flavonoids and carbohydrates.
It is very difficult for a normal person to calculate the vital nutrients in each food item he/she eats.Thus to make it easy we are listing a few important food items that are essential and very important for boosting immunity.

Foods that boost immunity

Garlic: This is the must included spice in your everyday meal,this is rich in immune boosting antioxidants.Garlic not only protects you from immune invading viruses and bacteria but also protects you from ulcers,stomach cancer,cholesterol and flu.
Best way to get maximum benefit from this wonder spice is to peel the other covering part,chop the garlic cloves and let them sit 15-20 minutes idle before adding them to your dish.This is essential for the immune boosting enzymes to get active giving you the maximum benefit.
Spinach: Yes the popoyye shows favourite super food.This makes the second food in our immune boosting foods list.It is rich in nutrients like folate,vitamin c,and protein.This helps in producing new cells and repairing DNA.It also have good amount of fibre and antioxidants.
Best way to get maximum benefit from this super food which is cheap and easy to cook is to eat it either raw or slightly cooked.
Yoghurt: In India we call it as curd,this is the third food in our list.Most of Indian foods/dishes include this in a variety of ways.This not only makes food tasty but also aids in digestion.A cup of yoghurt daily reduces risk of cold.Yoghurt is rich in protein,vitamin D and good bacteria.Recent studies show that those who are deficit in vitamin d are frequently attacked by clod and flu.Yoghurt is also a good alternative to milk consuming people who are intolerant to lactose.
If you are missing this immune stimulating food,add it to your menu right now.
The best way to choose yogurt is to use low fat/skim milk to make your curd.If you buy it from stores look for live and active cultures in label.For maximum benefit.
Wheat: If you are thinking about wheat flour that you are buying from retail stores either in packaged form or in specific quantity to make food items like roti,bread and baked foods.You are mistaken,the most nutrient rich part of wheat seed is wheat germ,which is lost in the making of flour.Wheat germ is full of nutrients,zinc,antioxidants,vitamins (B group),minerals,fiber and protein.The wheat flour you are consuming is generally refined and it doesn’t include the wheat germ which feeds the wheat plant when it is in baby stage.The best way to minimize this loss is to substitute wheat germ with your regular flour or consuming whole wheat flour for your dishes.
Grapes: This wonder fruit is full of vitamin C.If your immunity is weak and you are frequently affected by clod and flu.You should start consuming grape fruit now.If you hate grapes try oranges which are equally rich in all the vital nutrients found in grapes.
Almonds: In India we call it as badam,whatever may be the name,eating a handful of dry fruits like almonds and walnuts daily will boost your immune system.Almonds are rich in protein,riboflavin,niacin,vitamin B,E.It has good cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease and . Almonds are also the best source of Vitamin E which is essential for healthy skin,hair and nails.
Best way to get maximum benefit is to eat them raw or cooking slightly and adding them to a dish.If you are not ready to consume them with the outer cover on them,just soak them in a cup of water for 30 minutes which makes them tasty and easy to remove the outer layer of the dry fruit.
Cabbage: This leafy vegetable is rich in most important immune boosting amino acid glutamine.This is normally found in post-workout supplements.Eating Cabbage is one of the natural way to get this amino acid in your diet without consuming supplements.Cabbage is inexpensive and can be found round the year now a days in stores,just add it to your cart and boost your immunity by adding it in your dishes.Cabbage is also preventive in some types of cancers.
Oyster: Men you should not skip them,zinc is the most important mineral which is found in abundance in oysters.low zinc levels have been associated with male infertility. Boost your immunity and zinc levels with oysters.Consuming food rich in zinc will improve antiviral effect in our body.zinc is also know to involve in healing wounds.If you can’t get them or you avoid them due to personal reasons try alternative zinc sources like .
Mushrooms: These are not rich in calories and are considered as poor in nutrients.Button mushrooms are rich in selenium and antioxidants.mushrooms are also abundant in B group vitamins and minerals.Studies in animals have shown anti bacterial,viral and tumour effects.selenium is an important mineral which is associated with flu,low levels of selenium show increased risk of developing flu.Maintaining good levels of selenium will help you to decrease the risk of catching flu.If mushrooms are costly/not available to you/you don’t like mushrooms.You should get selenium in some other form like eggs.
Berries: Elderberry and Acai berry are the two top immune boosting kind of their family.Both are rich in antioxidants,ability to fight inflammation,prevent ageing.
These berries can be found in some foods like granola bars,smoothies and in dried form.
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