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How to make decision on the spot?

getlifetips decision


Decision making process is always tough. It was never easy because it is confusing. One can not decide at that moment because lot’s of things were going on in her mind. If the decision is big it will make your life stressful which results into memory loss. You may also lose focus and will not able to listen properly. Many times this kinds of things happens with everyone for example you are physically present but mentally you are somewhere else.

There are lots of important decisions which we  have to take in our life  like marriage, insurance policies, buying a house, etc which are really important so in that case people thinks a lot before taking any decision.

If you can’t make a stable decision you suggest your friend or in other words like giving advice to your friend which will affect your emotions but that will help you for sure giving a right advice to someone will increase your thought power and that results into a stable decision which you were finding.

Experience and age matters more in taking decisions for example if you are a teen you thinking power is not that much developed like an adult which results in wrong decision. If you are a mature person and having a good experience then your decision will be more stable and it will be right, But that works only in few circumstances.

Sometimes over knowledge also affects the decision process the more information you are having you will feel  gaps in between which will make you confuse again. Knowledge is good but if you make it limited then it will be better for you  so that so that confusing and mind divert type of problems doesn’t arise.

If you are a reader or writer then you can understand the above problem. But for someone who is completely unknown to this then they must follow the above information.

In my case i tell you, I certainly reached that point of information overload which affects me a lot  and i was having too many facts and opinions in front of me. Cutting some of that helped me a lot. Instead of talking and discussing with everyone i choose only limited friends and i prefer those whom i trust.

Here the suggestion and advice of your thoughts are simple and just imagine that the decision that you have chosen and you are already following on that decision you will come to know then after that the decision which you are following is correct or not but. Whatever is the decision whether it is on your favour or not but you will get a nice experience.

Some of the decisions will also help you in your career implementations it’s like thinking beyond your comfort zone and try to collect information from outsource in order to take a accurate decisions.

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