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Prevent ailments caused by prolonged use of computers

problems caused by prolonged use of computers

 In today’s world it is not possible to stop using computers. Everyone use it at some point of their life. Using the computer/Laptop/Notebooks for a longer duration in a day may lead to many ailments. Hence we focus our post on how to prevent those ailments. Common ailments caused to people using computers are: ·         Back pain ·         Neck pain ·         Wrist injuries ·         Redness in eyes ·         Headaches ·         Depression ·         Lack of vigor These are actually caused due to prolonged use of laptops /netbook/notebooks than desktops. If you are feeling redness in your eyes after a Facebook session, ...

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Best workouts for Six Pack abs

Bicycle crunches for six pack abs

This summer get ripped, get ready to show off your washboard abs, be beach ready, Get Life Tips is sharing today the best workouts for six pack abs. Whether you want to show your six pack abs/get fit shredding that bulky tummy/more energetic in your sports niche. Six pack workouts have got everything to support your goals. Today you will learn about the best workouts for six pack abs. If your goal is to get flat, these workouts help you reach your goal. Bicycle Workout: You want four to eight key moves in each workout. Be sure to target the ...

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whey protein price revealed

whey protein is a good source of protein for consumption,it is known for its ease of use and portability.whey protein is the primary ingredient of dietary and sports supplements. This post reveals the reason for hefty price of whey protein supplements especially in India. Basically whey protein is manufactured by industries that process milk and its products.When cheese is manufactured the by-product of the cheese is obtained which is the liquid whey.This is in brief the story behind whey. So it is now clear that 1)whey is a food source obtained from dairy. 2)Manufacturing facilities doesn’t need any extra source ...

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Eating Sweets is not sweet for you

eating sweets is not sweet for you

There are tons of reasons to stay away from sweets, but there are no reason/recommendation that proves that sweets are beneficial for one’s health. Why you should limit/avoid eating sweets. · They are no way beneficial to your health; sweets contain not even traces of single vitamins/minerals/essential fats/proteins. · Sweets should be limited because doctors recommend eating not more than 6-8 teaspoons of sugar per day. If you eat a piece of sweet dish it contains daily recommended allowance excluding the other sources of sugar that you consume daily. · Sweets should be avoided as they are dense in calories, ...

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