Avoid blue light before sleep

Tips to overcome sleep problems

This article provides best tips to tackle sleep problems. Good night sleep can help improve one’s life in many ways.

We have discussed this earlier on Get Life Tips Sleep patterns.

Follow these tips to sleep better, consult doctor if your sleep patterns don’t improve over time, especially if you are suffering from sleep disorders for a month.
Now let’s get into the tips.

Avoid blue light before sleep


Avoid blue light: Blue light from your mobile, pda, tablet, digital clock, TV, computer disturbs your sleep a lot. Turn them off an hour before your sleep. If shut down is on possible/avoiding the gadgets is not possible, then cover them at least with a blanket.
Avoid sleeping during day: Afternoon naps are good some times, if they are short and brief say 20 minutes, anything more than that will spoil your night sleep if you are already facing sleep problems in night.
Keep your clock away from your sight: If you glance at the clock during wee hours of the night,your sleep will suffer. Your thoughts will be on the upcoming day. So if you are a clock watcher put your alarm away from your sight but nearby.
Fix your back pain and improve sleep
Fix your back pain: Mid low back pain may disrupt your sleep. Fix this problem by placing a pillow (soft and cushy) in between legs. This helps reduce the lower back pain.
keep matresses clean for good sleep
Choose good pillows: Pillows that are too flat can cause problems like stiff neck. Choose a pillow that is right sized for you. Stomach sleeping should be avoided as it causes neck pain. Side sleeping is okay.
Keep your mattress clean: A clean mattress is very important in aiding sleep. Seal your mattress to prevent bedbugs and mites from entering. Clean mattresses can help prevent allergy related sneezing, respiratory disorders and sniffling.
Maintain timings: set your body clock, this means going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. No matter your schedules include a night job or day job, stick to a proper timings.
Sleep disturbers: Avoid caffeine drinks, weight loss pills, pain relievers as soon as the clock strikes noon. If you are in a myth that alcohol induces sleep, rethink alcohol causes more frequent awakenings at night and less restful sleep. Avoid drinking within 2 hours of the sleep time.
 Excercise daily for sleeping well
Eat and drink right: Avoid foods that are heavy late in the day. Your last snack should be an hour before bed. Prefer hot milk in the evening, it induces better sleep than alcohol.
Ambiance: This is very important for a good night sleep, lower the lights prefer night lights in your bathroom. Use a fan/air conditioner to neutralize annoying/disturbing noises around you. Try ear plugs if nothing works. Free your mind at sleep time, read something calms your mind or listen to some music/take a warm bath. Meditating for few minutes also help relieve you from stress and gives peace.
Limit sleep inducing drugs and pills, sleeping pills can be habit forming. They should be used for short term and avoid using them for long periods.
Exercise: This helps the most if scheduled properly; it improves sleep quality with lot of additional benefits. If you workout schedule is near to sleep timings, consider finishing it 3-4 hours before you hit the bed.
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